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This Is an ARG

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Occasionally, on the forum, we touch on a subject that is important to the Hoax community, and the MJ Fan community, as a whole. I have copied this exchange  over to blog form for everyone to enjoy. So without further adieu,

Quote from: ~Souza~ on May 13, 2012, 09:55:31 PM

What I am curious about, is how they would react if it would come out that Front indeed IS Michael. What if? Will they suddenly forget that they didn’t actually like his character? Would they indeed really stop ‘being fans’ or would they apologize and start kissing his ass? That to me would be interesting to see happening.

Quote from: veronicafall on 7 hours  ago

To me even hypothetical these choices here seem disregarded.
Assuming that Front is Michael (again, something I strongly doubt), a confirmation in this direction can only come from Michael himself, as Michael.
Michael respects and loves his fans a great deal and given that most of his fans are non-beLIEvers, fans that are still living terrible moments after June 25, I wouldn’t think MJ’s so cruel to recognize  he was playing hide-and-seek with some beLIEvers on a forum while they were suffering and left “alone”.

This “fact” alone would contradict what his fans KNOW Michael is all about – LOVE (caring, respect, etc.).

As I see it, Michael could be anywhere on the internet, playing any character he wants to, but in no way giving hints that he might be him.

It’s a catch 22. If MJ opened up this knowledge to every single one of his fans, this would not be a death hoax. If he made it clear and obvious that he was not really dead, and behold: posting on an internet forum, the entire thing would be ruined, hoax over, the jig would be up… and therefore by default, the hoax would be not a hoax. Do you get what I’m trying to say? A hoax that everyone knows about is not a hoax.

Without this secrecy there would be no journey towards the truth, no self discovery, no exploration of knowledge, no discovery of self confidence, no lessons learned about sound investigative techniques, no deciphering of accurate source vs. unreliable one. In other words, the entire ARG would be so dumbed down that the entire point of the thing would be lost.

No one would have to learn that not all is as it seems. No one would have to realize that they shouldn’t believe everything they see on the news. No one would have to discover the truth because it would be handed to them on a silver platter. This would defeat the entire project before it was even launched.

So veronica, your envisioned ideal really isn’t logical given the common held belief that we all share—> this is a hoax.

He set it up (I believe) as a game, of sorts, where the purpose is to decipher the Truth, and the strategy is to improve your own ability to sift fact from BS, weed out liars from truth tellers, and make connections between your results that lead you all the way to the man himself.

As with any well constructed game, if it is too easy to advance levels, the player will skate through too quickly, or lose interest and abandon it. It’s a challenge when constructing a game to balance it’s difficulty while still making it possible to win if you play right.

If MJ opened up the final levels to all his fans, and helped them along the way by stacking the deck in their favor, setting them all up to succeed, I would have lost interest a long time ago, and I think many of my cohorts here would have done the same. It’s like downloading what looks like a super cool strategy game and opening it up only to realize that it was designed for Kindergartners. Disappointing and nevermind, you need something more challenging, more stimulating to capture your attention for long.

If he opened up the final levels to ALL his fans, it would be a disappointment to those who really cracked their heads on this for years, trying to figure out the rules and parameters of play, and really applied themselves toward advancing. Besides, if it was too easy, many of us wouldn’t have ever bothered in the first place. Oh *yawn* yeah the MJ death hoax. Everyone knows he isn’t dead, how lame. Pass the cheese puffs.

As it is (were), the game is stimulating because it pushes self discovery and awareness about this world. It challenges the player to push past accepted norms and delve deeply into the unorthodox manners of thought. What is possible? Stretch your parameters, think outside the box, cast off your preconceived notions about… well, nearly everything.

Now that’s a game, an epic game, and though it’s sad not everyone can enjoy it, it’s certainly not for lack of trying. We have attempted, on multiple occasions, to turn others onto this game, to alert their attention to it, to convey this information. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you might look at it), the game was set up in such a way that the info is non-transferable; it is nearly impossible to transmit this info to a third party who is not up to speed, on their own, already. There really is no list of hints or cheats available online that one can refer to and breeze through the levels only to arrive at the final boss battle. In my opinion, that makes for the best, most challenging game ever set up in the history of game play.

So veronica, what you suggest, that your ideal MJ would not leave many of his fans in the dark, in favor of a dedicated (obsessed? lol) few, defeats the entire point, as I see it, and as past history seems to strongly suggest, there would be no challenge, no ARG, no project, no epic realization, no deep self improvement, and no hoax at all.

Because, you see, in order for us all who are here, at this advanced level/stage, it took a great deal of self exploration, self realization, and self confidence, to shrug off everything we thought we knew at the beginning, and open our minds to the possibilities that we previously disregarded as “impossible”. It takes a great deal of courage to admit you were wrong about something you wholeheartedly believed for, perhaps, your whole life. It is that breaking down that allows you to be built back up; stronger, better, wiser, better prepared to face this life and this society and take it all on, and perhaps even CHANGE IT for the better.

So for those willing to take this path, this path of emotional torture, of unknowing, of scary, frightening realizations that maybe you don’t know so much after all, the result at the end is worth it. Everyone here has a tale of self improvement after their years in these trenches. Without that struggle, what, exactly would the game player have achieved? Not much worth winning in the grand scheme of things.

That was the longest post in the world in an attempt to help you understand information which was designed to be non-transferable. After all that, I could have just quoted Mary K, who said it best in just a few words:

Quote from: MaryK on 4 hours  ago

All I can say is that I am once again reminded of this saying:

“I’m only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand”….

Everyone had a choice after 6/25/09; believe what the TV screen tells you, or look deeper. For those who looked deeper, they found another choice, connect these dots, or decide it’s all too unbelievable… and thus it began, and continued, all down the line for months and years until we arrive at me posting this today, on the Front thread, to you, a non-believer. I really hope you are willing to try and understand what we are enjoying, because I believe it is not too late. The hoax train is still picking up passengers, it is not full, and anyone can still get a ticket. Everyone has always been invited.

Awaken Ye Non-Believers… and for some of you it’s with cold water

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So we have the fan community in complete upheaval thanks to this Breaking News thing all week long. It is MJ/It’s not MJ debates like wild fire, sparking heated arguments and nasty attacks, to the point MJJC had to essentially draw a line down the middle and tell opposing factions to stay on their own sides. Really, they have threads for each opinion and the discussions are to stay there. The punishment for not following these rules, and bringing an opposing argument into a discussion is temporary banning.

So… this controversy being purposeful and by design leads one to connect the dots and arrive at the conclusion that this reaction among the fan base was expected, and with the subsequent “official statements” that followed the release adding fuel to the fire, even desired.

I present for you a series of posts “back” made on MJJC starting one year ago around this time. The posts seem to be serving as a warning to the board to stop disrespecting the Jackson family and especially Katherine Jackson… or else. There are several posts made on the subject, you are encouraged to click the pics to enlarge them and read the text. Pay close attention to the dates.

10/24/09 the earliest warning I can find posted.

10/25/09 second series of warnings.

11/5/09 many warnings posted on this day, the 5th of November, and then a long gap in posts on the subject.

6/2/10 and then 6/22/10 which seems to be the final warning posted.

One year from back’s long day of posting heated and passionate warnings of backlash to the members of MJJC, we have a series of events occur which throws the board into complete upheaval and members into a state of disarray and… confusion.

Considering the contrived scandel over KJ releasing Opis None “the weird but real” MJ song, the way it was received on fan boards, MJJC included, and the Jackson family bashing that it evoked, especially Katherine… one could speculate that this audio illusion effect on Breaking News was less a clue for the hoaxers and more a trial by fire for the non-believers.

To quote back in his final warning:

But I promise, not only Mr. Taylor, but to those who sincerely believe in the ORIGINAL intent of this forum, if Katherine Jackson is not given her due respect, we are prepared to transfer part of the burden we have had to bear from those relentless insults right where it belongs. Sadly, most of the disdain originates from an UNLIKELY place! The more I think about it, the greater my agony elevates because I never thought it would devolve to such a curcumstance. The leadership could help us, but many appear to subiminally support it. Michael wouldn’t WANT this I assure you. Me-me-me ness will lead some to the edge before they open their eyes.

Real Talk!

Keep WATCHIN’…….”

He shook up their world pretty hard core with the voice thing on Breaking News. This much confusion and stress will cause change on mass scale there, it almost has to. Major upheaval in any community always causes change. Because it’s a message board,  change in thinking will be the most likely result. They are stressed now and stress brings out emotions. Perhaps emotions they haven’t dealt with yet. Some members will start to ask the hard questions and become believers… some will expose themselves as hypocrites to the rest…. some will learn a lesson… some will have their eyes opened… but no matter what you believe, you better believe, they will all keep watching.

As a Ps. To explain why MJ would be disappointed enough in a message board to “teach” them a “lesson”, I have to add this post from 2006 which makes it clear that back favors MJJC of all the MJ fan boards and why: