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Hold My Hand? Really?

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Hold My Hand: Duet with Akon and MJ is a: weak track (in my opinion), the first single released on first MJ “posthumous” album, first of massive $250 million music contract with Sony, first new music in 9 years from a troubled global icon who’s career was severely impacted by false allegations and who’s estate is seeking to rebuild a legacy for.

This is a big deal, right?

So I already said I think the track is weak. That’s an opinion, of course, which means little, but to back it up, the music is simple, there’s no layering of instruments and sounds, there’s little depth to the lyrics. I mean it’s not a bad song but it’s not… wow at all. It’s very vanilla pudding, if you know what I mean. Fine song, pretty song, good message but it’s forgettable and not likely to get non-MJ fans excited to hear more.

Now here’s where I’m going to get a little controversial. I think there’s something more going on with this song and this album then just an innocuous seeming album release.

Sony and the Estate ought to both have the same goal (in all realistic proportions), to present MJ in his best light and attempt to convince the public to move past the false allegations and onto feeling comfortable with accepting MJ as an artist again… more so then enjoying his music, though that’s important too… people aren’t going to be ok with MJ music again until they’re ok with MJ again. Follow me?

Are they comfortable with MJ again? I don’t know. Are child molestation allegations the first thing people still think of when they think of MJ? For a lot of people, yes, that’s still true. It sucks and it’s not fair and it proves that people are quick to judge and slow to change their minds, but it’s the world we still live in.

That being said, how wise is it for Sony (speaking as if MJ was actually dead), under these real world conditions, to release Hold My Hand as the first single to promote the album when the last hand most people remember seeing MJ holding was Gavin’s on the nightmarish Bashir tapes???

Ok and to top it all off, considering the homosexuality rumors and gay bashing that goes with it, Sony thinks that no one is likely to snicker at the thought of Akon and MJ holding each other til sunlight? I know that’s not what the lyrics mean but you know it could be taken that way… and likely will by someone, somewhere, with a blog and an audience, sooner or later.

And then we have what appears to be Akon and MJ holding hands in silhouette on the single cover. So then they’re singing about holding each others hand then right? No, but again, it could so easy be twisted that way, and considering the past track record of things in this department… well, I already said it once. It’s only a matter of time.

Does this seem like wise marketing for a company who just invested the most money ever into a music contract with a dead icon who died recently pretty much in shame and exile and a swirl of rumors and previous allegations?

No. This seems very foolish. Sony looks either completely clueless as to the current market of their dead icon’s brand name, or they are brazenly shoving it in people’s faces in lieu of giving them knock-your-socks-off music.

Because there are better, more mainstream tracks that would announce this new album in a big way. And people would be so busy vibing to it they’d forget all about anything ugly associated with MJ.

So, what are the possible reasons for HMH to be the first single from the new album?

This is getting long so I’ll paraphrase the reasons that I came up with and then please add your own. I’m curious what you guys think of this.

-The handwritten note left by Michael stating he wanted HMH released first. (I don’t buy this explanation. I neither believe that any note discussing track release wishes was left after the “death” nor that Sony would actually honor it anyway considering what I already wrote in this post.)

-The song was chosen for the first single because Akon could help promote it. But he isn’t, so that doesn’t seem plausible.

-Sony was just hoping that adding Akon’s name to the song would give it  automatic added interest… and no one noticed the subtle homoerotic aspects to the lyrics or the reminder to the Bashir tapes when the decision was made.

-The song is supposed to shove this stuff in our faces (Bashir/Gavin/allegations, homosexual rumors) for some reason that I don’t understand yet. But as this is risky, I don’t see Sony doing this. Of the options I can think of, it only makes sense that an ALIVE MJ himself would be willing to do this. It would only mean enough to HIM personally, to want to confront it so head on style. Anyone seeking to profit off MJs name should be hoping everyone forgets about these things. But to MJ his name is more important then money, his name is what he leaves to his children. The only way to fix it once and for all is to attack it and win.

Of course HMH is only the first track, but I’m interested in how it goes down with this single and what the other songs on the album will be. I’m starting to do the: …what ifthe album itself is a hoax? I mean of course it’s a real album, with real songs, and you can really go buy it…. but a hoax in that it’s not designed to be simply for listening to songs, nor resurrecting a music career for Sony to make money off of. Maybe it’s a message carrier, a means to help advance a larger agenda, a package of bottomless newspaper story inspirations, ingredients for Twitter wars, and to spark scripted and improvisational debates far and wide. Effectively and thereby kicking this hoax into the next phase… maybe?


Opis No one is paying attention….

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So Breaking News shocks the fan community (hoaxers too I might add). But…

72 hours previous to this moment, Opis None was posted to the jacksonsecretvault website that KJ is a partner of.

That was Friday, November 5th. Originally, the site said this authentic Michael Jackson track was released by Katherine Jackson to MJ fans for free with L.O.V.E.  Fans immediately jumped on the track only to complain that it was “just a Destiny remix” and “weird” and blasted Katherine with some VERY NOT NICE words on the message boards saying she was lying about the Sony release not being MJ and trying to sabotage the album and her sons legacy… pretty shocking actually. 24hrs later KJ says she didn’t release the song nor approve it and Mann issued a lame apology on the site taking the blame and changed the text to read free remixed MJ track. Remember remember. One year from tonight, a 5th of November we will never forget.

Now please consider what has happened with the release of Breaking News in the fan community. Fans are outraged, shocked, horrified, screaming, crying, going hysterical, engaging in email campaigns, twitter campaigns,  letter writing campaigns, simultaneous pre-order canceling campaigns, boycott campaigns, alert the media campaigns, save MJs legacy campaigns….. you get the idea.

The estate finally releases a highly anticipated statement on 11/11/10 (mmhmm) verifying Sony’s statement that the voice on Breaking News is Michael Jackson. Lol. If the fans were enraged before… where do you think they are now? Spontaneous combustion stage essentially. They are adamant, by and large and very vocally and in numbers, that they  will not let all these evil doers “rape MJs legacy”. Yes, I took that quote directly off MJJC.

Now we have a solemn and not very nice warning from the owner of MJJC posted on the boards that they had all better settle down, quit the bashing, and play nice or the boards will be closed.


I also think it’s noteworthy to mention that  it is true, Opis None contins Destiny lyrics but it is not the original vocal track remixed. These are new vocal tracks on Opis. But who cares if it was “just” a Destiny remix, it’s real MJ and got a killer beat. I really dig this song. I admit, a friend offered me the download and I accepted. I now own a copy of Opis None, aka Confusion. Groovy track. I  consider it a gift for us who care to take it at face value. Thank you Mr. Jackson.

Michael Jackson – Breaking News

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Well this certainly is a big lol, isn’t it. I, like nearly everyone who waited to hear Breaking News get released on Monday morning, was thrown into a state of utter confusion upon hearing the first word of vocals in the song…


…and it’s true. It doesn’t sound anything like him. The voice is unrecognizable as MJ. The way his own first and last name is repeated in the verse is weird city.  Oh and it’s bad too, in my opinion. It sounds really cheap and immature and is not very catchy. The way the voice says “Michael Jackson” is creepy, like creeper creepy.

But, if I’ve learned anything in the course of the last 16 and 1/2 months, it had better be this:

when the information is confusing or conflicting or seems inexplicable, there’s always more to the story.

You realize of course, for Breaking News to be a fake MJ track makes zero logical sense. Sony paid a record amount for this music, $250 million, the largest music contract in history (Guiness book). But on the surface it appears that  Sony, in a hurry to cash in on anything MJ, threw together a bunch of bogus tracks and remixes with voice impersonators to make up an album to sell to the fans. One could conclude that Breaking News is an example of what will be on the album. Worse, shortly after Breaking News hit the MJJ site on 11/7/10, Sony issues an official statement asserting that the song IS 100% Michael Jackson and in response the fans, assuming that they were going to hear that a mistake had been made and the track would be pulled, were outraged! Sony attests that FBI vocal forensics or some such thing, and all sorts of experts conclude that it is MJ. Two days later the MJJ Estate reaffirms the same story. Fans are beside themselves with anger and despair.


This is by design you realize.

There is no earthy reason for Sony to release this weak track with dubious vocals. No reason what so ever. Sony has access to multiple unreleased hot tracks that we have HEARD (Another Day, Place With No Name, other stuff floating around YouTube RIGHT NOW…) with obvious MJ vocals on them to release. There’s also no reason the vocals NEEDED to be altered like this. Even if you believe MJ is dead, multiple reports following 6/25/09 attest that there are hundreds of fully completed SONGS (not demos, finished songs) that MJ left behind, enough for a dozen albums. No, Sony has everything to lose on this and nothing to gain by committing fraud. Because that’s what this apparent deception would be, you realize.

But… this is by design.

Do you get it? BN really IS him…. the vocal track is just digitally disguised to NOT sound like him. On purpose.

This HAD to happen because the general CD buying public isn’t going to pay one iotta of attention to a new, GOOD MJ release…

They are ONLY going to tune in if it’s a TRAIN WRECK to come gawk at the final destruction of Michael Jackson…

Because even the haters are saying “That’s not MJ…. I mean at least the guy could SING”…. :o ;)

And it CAN’T be fake or else it IS fraud… and Sony is NOT going to do that, they just aren’t going to throw away a billion dollar money making machine over one, weak MJ song…. and they sure as shit are NOT going to pay $250 million for fake bogus garbage music.


It’s marketing.

And it’s very clever.

People are flocking to YouTube to compare BN to MJ’s real voice, and they all got a reminder of who the greatest singer in the world is. Because simply, even in demos, even in rough tracks, even in short, leaked snippets with someone’s voice talking all over it, even while sitting on the witness stand recorded by the court’s audio system… Michael Jackson is the greatest and his voice is classic. TII sent everyone to You Tube to see his old dance footage, and remind them that he is the master…. now Breaking News is sending them in search of his voice.

Discover the man you never knew.

I’ve heard the capella of Breaking News, (which gets yanked so fast off You Tube by Sony copyright I won’t even bother posting the link)  and the audio track is Michael Jackson, but here’s the trick. The vocal track is altered but not filtered. It’s like manually stretched in places and lowered in  others, not altered at all in parts and then stretched again. It’s sort of fun house mirror effect in sound, sometimes word by word, I don’t know how to explain it but I laughed when I heard it. It sounds almost like they cut and pasted MJ and “the impersonator” together to form a full line of the song… like a kidnappers note except in song version. The resulting sound IS funny and IS outrageous and LOOKS very, very scandalous. But it’s legal and legitimately all Michael Jackson’s voice. I doubt this version of the song will make the album, lol, but with Michael Jackson, who knows.

Ps. 777 is in the video for Breaking News by the way. On one of the TV panels, the knobs. Check it out.
The whole thing is really, really smart. Genius actually. It’s got MJs stink all over it. He’s playing a prank to get attention for his comeback…


This will be the first of multiple entries because developments are coming fast this week.