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Oh The Drama!

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Weeeeeee history repeats. Paris Jackson allegedly tries to commit suicide and the death hoax community reels. Feels just like Dave Dave. This is the biggest thing that’s happened since Breaking News broke. And to think just two days ago I was complaining that this trial stuff was boring. Emails shmemails, snooze fest. But then oh em gee, TMZ reports that Paris tries to kill herself! Oh the drama!! This hoax just got a B-12 shot in the arm! Bring it on, someone needed to spice things up. We were all falling asleep over here…

I’m not sure why hoaxers still believe the media. MJ been telling us they lie and tell fictional stories about him and his life for over 25 years now. How many times does he have to tell us the same thing?? That’s good enough for me to say confidently: fake fake fake, all of it, fake.

He’s manipulating us like a puppetmaster. Oh the emotional rollercoaster; the ups the downs the thrills the spills, which way is it going next? No one knows! He will make you laugh, he will make you cry, he will make you love and he will make you HATE. Emotion, feel it, now this is living.

Fake fake fake all fake. It’s all fake. Every little bit of “news” we get is fake. All of it.

Ever notice no one really gives a crap about the trial that’s going on? The real news stories are going on outside the courtroom. Wade’s accusations, now Paris tries to kill herself (come on); the clowns are outside of court this time. That’s why it’s not televised. Because that’s not the show. THIS is. The staged and the spin offs and the accidental perfect coincidences, all part of this massive entertainment project MJ launched in 2009.

There’s always something going on with the Jackson family, isn’t there? Periodically, in the news, over something or other, drip drip drip.

And this emotional turmoil the community is going through is part of the experience for the audience. All of it. The drama, the concern, the worry, the outrage, the hand wringing, the humor too… and our interaction; the comradery, the arguments, the whole online community thing, deaders n hoaxers oh my.

If Paris really had a problem no one would hear about it. What we are shown is an alternative Jackson family reality; the Hollywood version. The staged version.

That’s what I think.

Everyone is welcome to their own opinion. I don’t feel the need to change anyone’s mind. We are all privy to the same info. Draw your conclusion and I will draw mine. Kumbaya and all that jazz.

But man this is fun.


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I believe it is true.

In regards to the events the world witnessed on 6/25/09; the ambulance backing out of Carrolwood, the gif file compiled of the stretcher entering UCLA ER pics, the helicopter on UCLA roof, the waiting coroner van, all played out in Live Time on our television screens… thus was the Death of The King of Pop… and it was as amazing and fantastic as you could ever want. And it was all a ruse…

Or was it?

When TS from MJDHI launched the Levels in 2011, and specifically Level 7b– who or what went to UCLA in the ambulance that day, I found my own personal hoax playground.

I have long been a supporter of the LiveMJ theory. It has always seemed fitting to me, since discovering the hoax in July of 2009, that MJ was precisely where he was reported to be, on that stretcher being whisked away via ambulance/helicopter/coroner van. I envisioned him playing dead, some how fooling everyone who came into contact with him (save for the coroner) that he was deceased, beyond saving, a corpse… protected only by Murray, his loyal insider who stayed with him (nearly) every step of the way (Three Way Theory–RIP).

But then I grew up. And the investigation became less fanciful, more sophisticated, grounded. It was argued to me that this was a preposterous theory (funny thing, coming from another death hoaxer), the risk was too great, MJ would never put himself into that situation, not during the performance of his life, not with 20+ years of plans riding on it, too much chance of discovery…

Some attest that a real corpse was used. Some a dummy. I liked the dummy theory for awhile, because it allows MJ to “be” there without actually being there, as if that were important somehow. But the corpse theory I reject at ‘hello’ and have been attempting to debunk it now for (literally) years.

Fast forward to yesterday. After heated debate on the 11/11/11 thread for weeks (months/years), arguing against the dead body theory and for the dummy theory, going through the (by now) old, familiar motions, it dawned on me. LiveMJ theory was rejected, effectively, due to it’s greatest strength: risk of discovery… except I’ve been looking at it backwards. Eureka! What if, during all the commotion on 6/25/09, MJ was discovered ELSEWHERE? Well it would be Hoax Over in one fell swoop. No amount of damage control or propaganda campaign chaser could iron that out, it’s game over: MJ is not dead, he’s not in distress, and he’s not at UCLA in the ER being worked on by emergency personnel, he’s discovered hiding (imagine the headlines) in location xyz wherever. Problemo de grande aka Hoax Fail.

So as unlikely as it might seem that MJ might be discovered elsewhere (where ever else he may have “escaped” to on 6/25/09), just by MJ being any where other then on that stretcher, this risk exists and would be ever-present with any alternative method.

Ironically… if LiveMJ is there every step of the way, this vulnerability is completely negated– MJ is never in two places at once, rather, he is always precisely where he is reported to be. In fact, what we have with this LiveMJ option, is complete and 100% elimination of this particularly fatal risk of hoax discovery, and how often did MJ have access to that kind of iron-clad hoax “insurance policy” on that day?

After 3+ years, and all that we have been able to assert regarding the events of that day, it seems to me that LiveMJ is actually the least risky option on the table.

Lucky enough for me, and this is where it gets interesting, I was asked by TS_comments himself, to compile my reasons against the dead body theory and for the LiveMJ or dummy theory, my choice, into organized, numbered lists:

I would request bec, in the next day or so, to compile a list of up to about a dozen reasons against the DWD and/or corpse theory—and also up to about a dozen reasons for the live MJ and/or dummy theory (or whatever other theory you want to include).  You may use new reasons, and/or review previous reasons posted by yourself and/or others.  Please number each point, so that I can reply to each point directly by number.

He’s giving me the deadline of 11/29/12,  the date slated for completion of Level 7 (which is a cornerstone of the Bamsday prophesies btw, for those who subscribe to that school of thought, which I do). And so I did. But despite my efforts, I came up with more then a dozen. Here are my lists for your consideration.

12 reasons against dead body theory

  1. The chances of someone other then MJ that looks enough like MJ to fool everyone ( double) dying of natural means (or Propofol) in accordance with the numerology, perfectly on time, who also happened to be residing at Carrolwood that day is a statistical impossibility.
  2. DWD is against the law in California. California penal code section 401: Every person who deliberately aids, or advises, or encourages a person to commit suicide, is guilty of a felony. MJ, Murray, and AEG would all be guilty in accordance with the wording of the law.
  3. A real body would need to get into Carrolwood somehow and at some point. On 6/25/09, the staff was sent out of the house before the stretcher came down indicating that they were not in on, so therefore would need to be shielded from the body’s arrival as well.
  4. A real body would need to be stored until go time. Dead bodies are messy n ought not be stored in private residences and few private residences would be set up to properly house a corpse. This is a public health risk that would necessitate specific accommodations. This is also a zoning violation (at best), and potentially a small string of misdemeanors and minor felonies resulting from abuse of a corpse, tampering with a corpse, others.
  5. If a real body were frozen to facilitate storage, it would be at the wrong temperature to fool emergency workers, and by the time the core was thawed, the outer tissues would be mush. Additionally, once-frozen-now-thawed tissue is distinctive and shows up clearly upon autopsy.
  6. A fresh dead corpse would be subject to rigor mortis within minutes and lasting for hours, making entubulation of the airway/locating and tapping a vein impossible.
  7. It was reported that the body was ID’ed from MJ’s driver’s license at the hospital. Neither a DWD patient nor a random corpse could be ID’ed as MJ from a pic of MJ.
  8. UCLA spokesperson did not make a statement in the death of MJ, counter to what is typical with a high profile death at a hospital. Instead, Jermaine Jackson made the statement. UCLA specifically dodged making any kind of statement regarding MJ at all, rather printing the family’s prewritten words instead.
  9. No doctor came forward initially to sign the death certificate. If there were a real body entering UCLA that day, there should be no problem getting a DC for it signed.
  10. The body wouldn’t look like MJ and ambulance/gurney/autopsy pics clearly depict MJ, and not an apparent hospice patient as was testified by paramedics.
  11. Makes the entire story, start to finish, a lie. MJ was not attended by paramedics at Carrolwood, MJ didn’t go to UCLA, MJ didn’t get transported via helicopter, MJ did not go to the coroner’s office.
  12. Both paramedics that testified attested that the patient looked like MJ. A DWD patient or random corpse are not going to resemble MJ enough for both paramedics to testify that they recognized him.
  13. No IV drip was witnessed suspended above the patient in the stretcher gif and if a real person was being attended in a medical emergency, and was reportedly already ported with an IV when paramedics arrived, after 42 minutes of attendance during which they are treating him as not dead and administering IV injections, it is extremely unlikely that the patient would not be started on fluids within that amount of time.
  14. The official story is that Dr. Cooper was able to rouse some heart activity in the patient at UCLA for several minutes. This would be impossible if she were working on a stored corpse, and nearing impossible on a DWD patient who had consumed suicide medication 1 hour (or more) prior.
  15. If the patient were a DWD patients, then rescue efforts such as those described having been administered to MJ violates ethics on the part of MJ, Murray, and AEG (and any other potential producers/financial backers of DH), for knowingly allowing a person who’s will it was to end their life peacefully under their own control, be subjected to extreme methods of resuscitation for an extended duration of time. Successful or not, this action is a direct violation of this patient’s end of life wishes.
  16. Because of points 4, 5, 6, and 7, the paramedics and ER emergency Dr.’s are required to be in on it, so we lack motive of who the real body is designed to fool.

12 reasons supporting Live MJ theory

  1. MJ was reported to be “Alive at UCLA”.
  2. Allows for on-the-scene direction/consultation in case anything unforeseen ocurred which required on-the-spot changes or alterations in the plan.
  3. Completely eliminates the risk that the hoax will be ruined by MJ being discovered safe and hiding somewhere else, or sneaking away shortly before 6/25/09, when he is supposed to be suddenly dead/dying at UCLA that day.
  4. MJ had to leave Carrolwood somehow, at some point, same as above, allows MJ to not be discovered/seen leaving Carrolwood anytime sooner or later then reported.
  5. Eliminates the need for MJ to hide, be disguised, travel to, and arrange for insiders at a 2nd or 3rd location as would be necessary to coordinate if escaping via another means.
  6. Allows MJ to have photos taken as reported for gurney and autopsy, ensuring that those photos cannot be discovered too early (them being discovered to be in existence pre 6/25/09 would be a big problem), nor will those photos show up too late to potentially rouse suspicion of someone in a paperwork position not in on the hoax (autopsy was performed 6/26 so those pics needed to exist by then).
  7. Allows emergency workers to be able to accurately recall events because MJ is really there on the stretcher (probably really wearing that gown). Live simulations could be run through, in the time allowed at each location, to allow workers to have real memories, rather then fabricated alibis. MJ is not dealing with seasoned actors here, and they’re playing the role of their lives, so it is best if people are given an opportunity to have something real to remember.
  8. Allows validation of the official story should anyone not in on the hoax happen to catch a quick glimpse of the stretcher going by at any point along the way, they would really see MJ.
  9. Allows for unforeseen occurrences to be encountered (ambulance break down, unauthorized peaks through windows in locked doors, etc) because, just as reported, MJ is indeed just where he is supposed to be.
  10. Shortly after the ambulance arrives, the fire alarm was pulled in the portion of UCLA that MJ was reportedly in on 6/25/09, effectively minimizing the unauthorized opportunities outlined in points 8 & 9.
  11. Gives MJ a perfect escape out of UCLA, because again, he could do exactly as is reported and take the helicopter to the waiting coroner van. If he chose to go a different direction, even last minute, there would be dozens of other escape plans A-Z to explore out of the highly trafficked UCLA campus.
  12. Gives the official story a consistently interwoven element of truth; MJ really was attended by paramedics at Carrolwood, MJ really did go to UCLA, MJ really did get transported via helicopter, MJ really did go to the coroner’s office.
  13. Explains why MJ’s kids stopped crying when they were done seeing their dad’s body, the scene as described by LaToya. They stopped crying because they saw Dad’s not dead.
  14. Explains Jermaine’s “slip up” airport comment. Jermaine said MJ wasn’t “with us long before he went to the airport… I mean hospital.” … which is 100% accurate. Just like Jermaine said. He meant hospital, the man said MJ went to the hospital, and if we can’t trust Jermaine’s word, what CAN we believe?
  15. Changes the least amount of variables from the official story. The only thing that isn’t true is MJ being dead.

So there you have it. After 3 years and 5 months of research and nearly 2 years of intense debate and brainstorming sessions, I think I have laid out a strong case FOR LiveMJ having attended on site on 6/25/09, and a strong case to debunk, once and for all, the dead body theory.

Lastly, just for funsies, if you will, please refer to LiveMJ point #14. This “slip up” by Jermaine has long been used as “proof” that MJ fled the scene on 6/25/09 (airport escape theory-runs parallel to dead body theory and dummy theory to some extent). I have long professed that Jermaine’s slip up was not real, rather contrived, and done so to give hoaxers false validation, as the airport theory was being actively considered as plausible at the time, and periodically comes up ever since.

The background info on this point, as it is fairly brand new: along came a friend of mine from the forum, Thriller4ever, who saw the situation with Jermaine’s “slip up” a little differently and pm’ed me (this is not a native English speaker so please forgive):

Jermaine’s slip up of before  he arrived to the airport (error) hospital…. “He” is Michael…so wouldn’t that mean Michael was travelling from Carolwood to UCLA…?

I just sat n stared at Thriller4ever’s words for a minute and again, I was dawned upon. Like a ray of bright and shining light of clarity: Jermaine DID tell the truth. Now look, please consider JJ’s now famous line:

Michael was not with us long before he arrived at the airport, I mean hospital.

He said he meant hospital. He said he meant hospital, by George! He DID mean hospital, JJ did not give out false clues after all, people (we) simply jumped to conclusions based on what we thought we heard… not based on what JJ actually said. Airport is irrelevant, he didn’t mean airport, he meant hospital. And that’s just where MJ arrived on 6/25/09.

So now seeing the forest for the trees finally, it occurs to me that TS was right all along; if we can’t take JJ’s word for it, then what can we believe in all this??

So in conclusion, I will continue to defend the LiveMJ theory, the one that states that the events witnessed in live time on live TV on 6/25/09, were all REAL and all TRUE. The only detail that the media got wrong was that Michael Jackson was dead.

Now we wait.

This Is an ARG

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Occasionally, on the forum, we touch on a subject that is important to the Hoax community, and the MJ Fan community, as a whole. I have copied this exchange  over to blog form for everyone to enjoy. So without further adieu,

Quote from: ~Souza~ on May 13, 2012, 09:55:31 PM

What I am curious about, is how they would react if it would come out that Front indeed IS Michael. What if? Will they suddenly forget that they didn’t actually like his character? Would they indeed really stop ‘being fans’ or would they apologize and start kissing his ass? That to me would be interesting to see happening.

Quote from: veronicafall on 7 hours  ago

To me even hypothetical these choices here seem disregarded.
Assuming that Front is Michael (again, something I strongly doubt), a confirmation in this direction can only come from Michael himself, as Michael.
Michael respects and loves his fans a great deal and given that most of his fans are non-beLIEvers, fans that are still living terrible moments after June 25, I wouldn’t think MJ’s so cruel to recognize  he was playing hide-and-seek with some beLIEvers on a forum while they were suffering and left “alone”.

This “fact” alone would contradict what his fans KNOW Michael is all about – LOVE (caring, respect, etc.).

As I see it, Michael could be anywhere on the internet, playing any character he wants to, but in no way giving hints that he might be him.

It’s a catch 22. If MJ opened up this knowledge to every single one of his fans, this would not be a death hoax. If he made it clear and obvious that he was not really dead, and behold: posting on an internet forum, the entire thing would be ruined, hoax over, the jig would be up… and therefore by default, the hoax would be not a hoax. Do you get what I’m trying to say? A hoax that everyone knows about is not a hoax.

Without this secrecy there would be no journey towards the truth, no self discovery, no exploration of knowledge, no discovery of self confidence, no lessons learned about sound investigative techniques, no deciphering of accurate source vs. unreliable one. In other words, the entire ARG would be so dumbed down that the entire point of the thing would be lost.

No one would have to learn that not all is as it seems. No one would have to realize that they shouldn’t believe everything they see on the news. No one would have to discover the truth because it would be handed to them on a silver platter. This would defeat the entire project before it was even launched.

So veronica, your envisioned ideal really isn’t logical given the common held belief that we all share—> this is a hoax.

He set it up (I believe) as a game, of sorts, where the purpose is to decipher the Truth, and the strategy is to improve your own ability to sift fact from BS, weed out liars from truth tellers, and make connections between your results that lead you all the way to the man himself.

As with any well constructed game, if it is too easy to advance levels, the player will skate through too quickly, or lose interest and abandon it. It’s a challenge when constructing a game to balance it’s difficulty while still making it possible to win if you play right.

If MJ opened up the final levels to all his fans, and helped them along the way by stacking the deck in their favor, setting them all up to succeed, I would have lost interest a long time ago, and I think many of my cohorts here would have done the same. It’s like downloading what looks like a super cool strategy game and opening it up only to realize that it was designed for Kindergartners. Disappointing and nevermind, you need something more challenging, more stimulating to capture your attention for long.

If he opened up the final levels to ALL his fans, it would be a disappointment to those who really cracked their heads on this for years, trying to figure out the rules and parameters of play, and really applied themselves toward advancing. Besides, if it was too easy, many of us wouldn’t have ever bothered in the first place. Oh *yawn* yeah the MJ death hoax. Everyone knows he isn’t dead, how lame. Pass the cheese puffs.

As it is (were), the game is stimulating because it pushes self discovery and awareness about this world. It challenges the player to push past accepted norms and delve deeply into the unorthodox manners of thought. What is possible? Stretch your parameters, think outside the box, cast off your preconceived notions about… well, nearly everything.

Now that’s a game, an epic game, and though it’s sad not everyone can enjoy it, it’s certainly not for lack of trying. We have attempted, on multiple occasions, to turn others onto this game, to alert their attention to it, to convey this information. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you might look at it), the game was set up in such a way that the info is non-transferable; it is nearly impossible to transmit this info to a third party who is not up to speed, on their own, already. There really is no list of hints or cheats available online that one can refer to and breeze through the levels only to arrive at the final boss battle. In my opinion, that makes for the best, most challenging game ever set up in the history of game play.

So veronica, what you suggest, that your ideal MJ would not leave many of his fans in the dark, in favor of a dedicated (obsessed? lol) few, defeats the entire point, as I see it, and as past history seems to strongly suggest, there would be no challenge, no ARG, no project, no epic realization, no deep self improvement, and no hoax at all.

Because, you see, in order for us all who are here, at this advanced level/stage, it took a great deal of self exploration, self realization, and self confidence, to shrug off everything we thought we knew at the beginning, and open our minds to the possibilities that we previously disregarded as “impossible”. It takes a great deal of courage to admit you were wrong about something you wholeheartedly believed for, perhaps, your whole life. It is that breaking down that allows you to be built back up; stronger, better, wiser, better prepared to face this life and this society and take it all on, and perhaps even CHANGE IT for the better.

So for those willing to take this path, this path of emotional torture, of unknowing, of scary, frightening realizations that maybe you don’t know so much after all, the result at the end is worth it. Everyone here has a tale of self improvement after their years in these trenches. Without that struggle, what, exactly would the game player have achieved? Not much worth winning in the grand scheme of things.

That was the longest post in the world in an attempt to help you understand information which was designed to be non-transferable. After all that, I could have just quoted Mary K, who said it best in just a few words:

Quote from: MaryK on 4 hours  ago

All I can say is that I am once again reminded of this saying:

“I’m only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand”….

Everyone had a choice after 6/25/09; believe what the TV screen tells you, or look deeper. For those who looked deeper, they found another choice, connect these dots, or decide it’s all too unbelievable… and thus it began, and continued, all down the line for months and years until we arrive at me posting this today, on the Front thread, to you, a non-believer. I really hope you are willing to try and understand what we are enjoying, because I believe it is not too late. The hoax train is still picking up passengers, it is not full, and anyone can still get a ticket. Everyone has always been invited.

What is proof?

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The reader should be aware, if they aren’t already, that I have never stopped hoaxing. I’m almost ashamed to admit it; I have continued to follow the MJ Death Hoax dutifully on a daily basis online since July 17th 2009 (and offline since June 25, 2009), regardless of my recorded online contributions on this wordpress site. Several are already probably aware of the fact that I began moderating the largest hoax site Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators forum last summer, after maintaining a regular presence there since it’s inception. For those who aren’t, it’s very nice to meet you, I am bec.

What I have quit doing is attempting to “prove” the hoax by compiling the supportive evidence that I have uncovered and presenting it in a such a way that might convince an audience of it’s factual nature. I found it largely a lesson in frustration. It was no minor surprise to me that people, in general, will believe what they want to believe, and are largely close minded to avenues they never personally considered prior. In other words, if one didn’t think of it first, the information will be largely and universally rejected regardless of validity.

People need to be ready to consider the radically unconventional. It is a very personal journey towards getting ready to open one’s mind to possibilities that society deems “impossible”. I can now imagine that the Wright Brothers and Nikola Tesla faced similar resistance to their ideas.

The Michael Jackson Death Hoax is fantastical and unprecedented. The only similar historical examples we can site is the Elvis Death Hoax and possibly the Andy Kaufman Death Hoax, and due to their to-date uncompleted status (and in the case of the latter, unlikely) of these hoaxes, they actually more strongly support the invalidity of the MJDH rather then the opposite. This mention aside, the MJDH is a unique animal, and I have routinely found myself in uncharted territory just trying to define it.

But as we press forward, and as the calendar pages fly by, the theory of the MJDH strengthens rather then weakens. Skeptics point to the duration of time as a sign that MJ really is dead, or at very least, is not coming back. The problem with this short sighted and extremely shallow theory is it fails to take into account the heaps of evidence we have collected, compiled, and that still continues to trickle down to us from the shadowy Puppetmaster behind the curtain. I would reasonably expect, after working the hoax (aka ‘hoaxing’) since July of ’09, if this were a fantasy type product of a collective mind, that the “clues” would become more obscure, less frequent, and eventually dry up as we get 1, 2, and now very nearly 3 years from the date of the alleged death. I would also expect that as we Hoaxers become less reclusive, and more visible, that the Jackson Family and/or the Estate would be inclined to take some steps to shut us down. At very least, the Estate ought to make some effort to ask that we cease and desist the use of MJ’s name and image on our heavily traveled and well known website, MJDHI.

By contrast, both the Family and the Estate seem increasingly aware of our online presence and is silent on the subject. I take their silence as approval that we continue.

Now perhaps MJ made it is wish, communicated to the family and the Estate, that a faux-Death Hoax become his legacy after his real earthly passing to give the fans and the public some sort of sense of mystery and intrigue going forward, effectively forever contributing to the Master Showman’s Life of Illusion, he would have a fitting Death of Illusion as well, akin to Elvis, and the cultural phenomenon his passing has become since 1977.

However, this fails to take into account the oddities and irregularities that accompanied Conrad Murray’s mans.laughter case in the fall of 2011. The Jackson Family would have no influence over toys placed in the courtroom during hearings and trial, no influence over the missing letters masquerading as typos in the Prosecution’s power points (that were, incidentally, predicted by a mysterious username on the MJDHI forum months prior), nor would they be able to write and submit a script that included the wording of “alleged victim” during the reading of the verdict at trial’s end. The Jackson Family simply could not have pulled this off as a hoax themselves to honor an actually dead MJ.

The skeptic will press forward and throw the hardball question, if the Jackson Family couldn’t do it, how could an alive MJ have done it?

This is a legitimate question. HOW, does one propose, in the Hoaxer point of view, that Michael Jackson has pulled this off? Well the skeptic will gleefully pounce upon my answer as a sign of weakness of my (our) theory when I say, I haven’t any idea.

I don’t see this as a weakness in the Death Hoax theory however, as I concede my complete inability to be able to knowledgeably or effectively ascertain the legalities of a Death Hoax in the first place. Additionally it should be noted, I lack knowledge and experience in the entertainment field and of moving making in general.

However, it should be noted, that it makes good common sense to presume that one considering a Death Hoax as an entertainment project, would retain the best lawyers that money can buy, prior to launch.

If we are to determine, for lack of a better way to describe this Death Hoax “project”, that the whole thing and all the events of and following June 25th, 2009, publicly known as “The Death of Michael Jackson”, is a sort of real time, live action, reality based movie, it would effectively explain the entire bizarre stage play we have witnessed.

And that is enough for one entry. I’d like to say I will be back, though I don’t know that I can commit to that. I am satisfied we will see an end to this one day, perhaps this year, which will validate what I have said, and wholeheartedly believed since July 17th, 2009. If I have learned anything at all it is this: Thing are not always as they seem when it comes to Michael Jackson. The line between truth and fiction is a flexible membrane.

Michael Jackson is very much alive…

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and this is just the plain and simple truth. I haven’t blogged recently because if you haven’t discovered it by now you won’t until he reveals.

Michael Jackson is very much alive and well and this is a hoax. It is connected with the trial of Conrad Murray and we are nearing the final performance. He will reveal the hoax this year (2011) and hoaxers will have their vindication. We are not crazy. We are not delusional fans who cannot let go. Fuck everyone who wrote us off.

Michael isn’t a wacked out weirdo drug addict kid toucher who lets the music industry push him around. He never was but the gen pub is too dumb and tainted and naive to figure it out. I hope they wake up. I hope so for the sake of mankind. We are mindless sheep in the hands of the media. Mindless sheep walk right into the kill box because the authority figures told them to. If the TV says so, it must be true…

Please wake up.

Keep Watchin’…………………

and I told you so.

Opis No one is paying attention….

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So Breaking News shocks the fan community (hoaxers too I might add). But…

72 hours previous to this moment, Opis None was posted to the jacksonsecretvault website that KJ is a partner of.

That was Friday, November 5th. Originally, the site said this authentic Michael Jackson track was released by Katherine Jackson to MJ fans for free with L.O.V.E.  Fans immediately jumped on the track only to complain that it was “just a Destiny remix” and “weird” and blasted Katherine with some VERY NOT NICE words on the message boards saying she was lying about the Sony release not being MJ and trying to sabotage the album and her sons legacy… pretty shocking actually. 24hrs later KJ says she didn’t release the song nor approve it and Mann issued a lame apology on the site taking the blame and changed the text to read free remixed MJ track. Remember remember. One year from tonight, a 5th of November we will never forget.

Now please consider what has happened with the release of Breaking News in the fan community. Fans are outraged, shocked, horrified, screaming, crying, going hysterical, engaging in email campaigns, twitter campaigns,  letter writing campaigns, simultaneous pre-order canceling campaigns, boycott campaigns, alert the media campaigns, save MJs legacy campaigns….. you get the idea.

The estate finally releases a highly anticipated statement on 11/11/10 (mmhmm) verifying Sony’s statement that the voice on Breaking News is Michael Jackson. Lol. If the fans were enraged before… where do you think they are now? Spontaneous combustion stage essentially. They are adamant, by and large and very vocally and in numbers, that they  will not let all these evil doers “rape MJs legacy”. Yes, I took that quote directly off MJJC.

Now we have a solemn and not very nice warning from the owner of MJJC posted on the boards that they had all better settle down, quit the bashing, and play nice or the boards will be closed.


I also think it’s noteworthy to mention that  it is true, Opis None contins Destiny lyrics but it is not the original vocal track remixed. These are new vocal tracks on Opis. But who cares if it was “just” a Destiny remix, it’s real MJ and got a killer beat. I really dig this song. I admit, a friend offered me the download and I accepted. I now own a copy of Opis None, aka Confusion. Groovy track. I  consider it a gift for us who care to take it at face value. Thank you Mr. Jackson.

Michael Jackson – Breaking News

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Well this certainly is a big lol, isn’t it. I, like nearly everyone who waited to hear Breaking News get released on Monday morning, was thrown into a state of utter confusion upon hearing the first word of vocals in the song…


…and it’s true. It doesn’t sound anything like him. The voice is unrecognizable as MJ. The way his own first and last name is repeated in the verse is weird city.  Oh and it’s bad too, in my opinion. It sounds really cheap and immature and is not very catchy. The way the voice says “Michael Jackson” is creepy, like creeper creepy.

But, if I’ve learned anything in the course of the last 16 and 1/2 months, it had better be this:

when the information is confusing or conflicting or seems inexplicable, there’s always more to the story.

You realize of course, for Breaking News to be a fake MJ track makes zero logical sense. Sony paid a record amount for this music, $250 million, the largest music contract in history (Guiness book). But on the surface it appears that  Sony, in a hurry to cash in on anything MJ, threw together a bunch of bogus tracks and remixes with voice impersonators to make up an album to sell to the fans. One could conclude that Breaking News is an example of what will be on the album. Worse, shortly after Breaking News hit the MJJ site on 11/7/10, Sony issues an official statement asserting that the song IS 100% Michael Jackson and in response the fans, assuming that they were going to hear that a mistake had been made and the track would be pulled, were outraged! Sony attests that FBI vocal forensics or some such thing, and all sorts of experts conclude that it is MJ. Two days later the MJJ Estate reaffirms the same story. Fans are beside themselves with anger and despair.


This is by design you realize.

There is no earthy reason for Sony to release this weak track with dubious vocals. No reason what so ever. Sony has access to multiple unreleased hot tracks that we have HEARD (Another Day, Place With No Name, other stuff floating around YouTube RIGHT NOW…) with obvious MJ vocals on them to release. There’s also no reason the vocals NEEDED to be altered like this. Even if you believe MJ is dead, multiple reports following 6/25/09 attest that there are hundreds of fully completed SONGS (not demos, finished songs) that MJ left behind, enough for a dozen albums. No, Sony has everything to lose on this and nothing to gain by committing fraud. Because that’s what this apparent deception would be, you realize.

But… this is by design.

Do you get it? BN really IS him…. the vocal track is just digitally disguised to NOT sound like him. On purpose.

This HAD to happen because the general CD buying public isn’t going to pay one iotta of attention to a new, GOOD MJ release…

They are ONLY going to tune in if it’s a TRAIN WRECK to come gawk at the final destruction of Michael Jackson…

Because even the haters are saying “That’s not MJ…. I mean at least the guy could SING”…. :o ;)

And it CAN’T be fake or else it IS fraud… and Sony is NOT going to do that, they just aren’t going to throw away a billion dollar money making machine over one, weak MJ song…. and they sure as shit are NOT going to pay $250 million for fake bogus garbage music.


It’s marketing.

And it’s very clever.

People are flocking to YouTube to compare BN to MJ’s real voice, and they all got a reminder of who the greatest singer in the world is. Because simply, even in demos, even in rough tracks, even in short, leaked snippets with someone’s voice talking all over it, even while sitting on the witness stand recorded by the court’s audio system… Michael Jackson is the greatest and his voice is classic. TII sent everyone to You Tube to see his old dance footage, and remind them that he is the master…. now Breaking News is sending them in search of his voice.

Discover the man you never knew.

I’ve heard the capella of Breaking News, (which gets yanked so fast off You Tube by Sony copyright I won’t even bother posting the link)  and the audio track is Michael Jackson, but here’s the trick. The vocal track is altered but not filtered. It’s like manually stretched in places and lowered in  others, not altered at all in parts and then stretched again. It’s sort of fun house mirror effect in sound, sometimes word by word, I don’t know how to explain it but I laughed when I heard it. It sounds almost like they cut and pasted MJ and “the impersonator” together to form a full line of the song… like a kidnappers note except in song version. The resulting sound IS funny and IS outrageous and LOOKS very, very scandalous. But it’s legal and legitimately all Michael Jackson’s voice. I doubt this version of the song will make the album, lol, but with Michael Jackson, who knows.

Ps. 777 is in the video for Breaking News by the way. On one of the TV panels, the knobs. Check it out.
The whole thing is really, really smart. Genius actually. It’s got MJs stink all over it. He’s playing a prank to get attention for his comeback…


This will be the first of multiple entries because developments are coming fast this week.

360 days

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This is an old post I apparently forgot about in drafts and never published. As it points to clues that all but SCREAM that this is a HOAX that all surfaced just before the 1 year anniversary, I am clicking “publish” on this today, 10/4/10.

Big week coming up and despite my better judgment I’m feeling some sense of anticipation with the 25th approaching.

To recap current events,

  • Katherine Jackson publishes a book about Michael through a website called Never Can Say Goodbye, and the site offers a35% discount coupon code “MJ LIVES”. Incidentally, 35% off of $59.99 results in a savings of $21 (777) Clue: Substantiated
  • LaToya interview the subject of an article in The News Of The World where she drops several clues, some more blatent then Jermaine’s now famous “airport… I mean hospital” slip up. Best head scratchers:

“He’s still here.” she insists. “He’s still with me and he’s just waiting to let the world know.”

“He’d love me to go out with him and see his fans. He loved to play cat and mouse with them.”

“There are lawyers, investigators, a lot of people working on this. It’s taking a long time but it’s still going on.” me in: the death investigation is concluded and has been presented to the DA. Murray has been long charged at this point. How old is this interview?

  • Coke Happiness Machine commercial does not fuzz out jacket bearing the clear insignia “Michael Jackson’s This Is It”. In comparison, all other corporate labels present on clothing of commercial extras is blurred. This is confirmation of a corporate sponsorship between Michael Jackson and Coke of some fashion. Remember, this isn’t AEG. Michael and only Michael owns the right to his image and name. Period. End of discussion. This commercial+obvious Coke product placement in Dr. Murray walk n’talk photo op on Venice Beach+Coke Killed MJ as Murray’s defense theory article on TMZ=Clue: Substantiated
  • Handwriting on a thank you note sent to the Sunflower guy who donated to MJs crypt allegedly from Lisa Marie Presley last month matches Michael Jackson’s writing. Clue: Substantiated
  • Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Earth is Flat, and Other Widely Accepted Innaccuracies

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    Just think about all the things you once believed that you now understand to be false….

    Recently Badkolo’s infamous theory commonly know as the “2005 Trials Were a Hoax” theory has resurfaced thanks to my posts regarding the Pepsi accident possibly having been hoaxed by Michael Jackson. It has come to my attention that there is a great deal of misinformation out there in the hoax community about this theory so I elected to officially document it to clear up the rumors and correct the misconceptions that run rampant in some circles.

    The theory does not state that the 2005 trial itself was a hoax, in fact it depends on the fact that the proceedings were very real. More accurately the theory states that Michael in a sense baited the DA (and the Arvizo family) in an attempt to prove a point. An attempt that ultimately failed in it’s purpose and message.

    Do you really think Michael got fooled by Bashir? Do you really think he is that stupid? I don’t understand how someone can think Michael is brilliant enough to orchestrate a death hoax of this magnitude yet dumb enough to get fucked over that badly. Come on. Of course he knew Bashir would smear him, that’s why he had his own cameras filming everything in the back round. Do you really think after one set of child molestation allegations Michael would continue to host sleepovers with minors WITHOUT CCTV in the bedroom? And then do a very personal revealing train wreck of an interview designed for a national audience where he gave up all control over the aired edit?

    Don’t you agree that it’s possible Michael called the DA’s bluff by taunting him with this interview KNOWING they had nothing on him, and that’s why he did that Bashir piece with the kid and the insistence that sharing your bed is a loving thing to do? Because he could prove beyond a shadow of a doubt nothing inappropriate happened- perhaps he was defiantly trying to set it all up to prove once and for all his innocence on the public stage. You want to call me a kid toucher mother fuckers? I’m gonna prove you’re all sick liars.

    Do you really think Michael was naive enough to trust that family of track record con artists the Arvizos or do you think it’s possible he set them up/used them if you will?

    Perhaps, just maybe, he intended to take it to trial to PROVE that the DA is shady and the cops are corrupt and the family were gold diggers and that the media unfairly condemn people with no evidence of wrong doing but the plan backfired and the message never got properly relayed.

    People weren’t listening, the media reported their version of the facts, and the “hoax” was a PR fail. You win some you lose some. With CCTV in the bedroom, there’s no way he’d ever set one foot in prison. It would be the wild card of defense evidence and ended up being unnecessary to present. Why wouldn’t Michael’s defense team present CCTV tapes if they existed? Because then there would have been no trial, no public display, no hoax.

    Do you REALLY think Michael Jackson would do a DEATH hoax the first time out? Or do you think it’s plausible that he has hoaxed before, possibly many times?

    Badkolo adds this:

    The same way its so easy for so many of us to accept that he hoaxed his death is the same way it should be easy to comprehend that it takes time and a agenda to pull off something as complicated as a death hoax. Whatever sparked the initial idea of a death hoax is what we are all searching for. If we are to believe that he wasn’t as naive and fragile as some make him out to be then we can agree that Michael Jackson was a genius. If we are going to be open minded enough to allow the thought that he left clues in many of his songs, left them in his memorial, and that almost everything surrounding this so called death hoax is full of clues, then it shouldn’t be a issue to be open minded about the possibility that Michael Jackson has staged and hoaxed numerous other events in his life.

    Perception is key. If we can agree that Michael is hoaxing his death, then we can also agree that hes the one pulling the strings behind the scenes, and if that is the case, then everything that has been revealed to us over time is exactly what Michael wanted us to see. Take into account everything that has been revealed and then decide how much of what has been seen throughout the years is real or a matter of perception. Do you really know what you have been seeing, do you?

    …and You’re Gonna Get Burned

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    I’m going to stick my neck out and say the 1984 Pepsi burn accident was an elaborate media hoax.

    Despite the controversial nature of this subject I have to admit it’s most likely true, and it I am gathering the evidence to prove it.

    I’ve put it up for debate on both and and I haven’t seen any solid, reasonable argument that it’s not possible for Michael Jackson to have hoaxed the Pepsi accident. On the contrary,  the more I read exactly what few arguments exist against the theory, the more I start to realise it’s probably true.

    I think we have to be REAL careful in what we THINK we know about Michael Jackson. We really only know what he wants us to see. How much of that is carefully designed and orchestrated? Discover the man you never knew? Thoughts I presented for debate to both forums that to date have gone unchallenged:

    :idea: Maybe he punked Pepsi along with everyone else.

    :idea: Maybe everyone in the crowd and crew thought it was real. Michael was already an accomplished actor by this time in his career.

    :arrow: We don’t really know for a fact that the pyro was what caught his hair on fire. We only know from the footage that they went off and then his hair had smoke coming from it.

    :idea: Dave Dave could have been a clue pointing to this too. Michael disguised as a burn victim. Also the Pepsi footage media flood in mid July points toward this event being extremely significant.

    :!: The accident, in part, lead to the greatest endorsement deal ever, a Guiness record, Michael and his name benefited heavily from media coverage and sensationalism. It also paved the way for the resulting alleged Demerol addiction. Would pretending to be a drug addict benefit Michael Jackson? I have no idea but I suppose possibly. Depends on the agenda at the time maybe.

    :idea: This incident also took place during Michael’s media hoax era between Thriller and Bad albums.

    :!: Maybe he considers the Pepsi incident his greatest media hoax ever, and this death hoax is the sequel… It would explain why the brothers are so prominent now and all of a sudden. Also the ushers uniforms at the burial being from the Victory tour now suddenly make perfect sense.

    :!: Maybe he donated the money and equipment to the childrens hospital to make the hoax all for L.O.V.E.

    You can read the threads here on Souza and Mo’s forum:

    and here if you are a member of .net (boo, stupid policy):

    A few others have come out in support of the theory on the forums. In particular, MJDHI forum member friendlikeme81 offered the following supportive facts and information to some of the debate points I presented.

    Here’s a pic friendlikeme81 provided to illustrate the difference in Michael’s hair in the burn accident video and in the days just before and JUST AFTER.

    Notice the size of his head in the middle pic and the density of the afro he suddenly had immediately after the fire is put out. The pic on the far right is Michael at the Grammy Awards just 4 weeks after the burn allegedly was suffered.

    From above:

    :!: The accident… also paved the way for the resulting alleged Demerol addiction. Would pretending to be a drug addict benefit Michael Jackson? I have no idea but I suppose possibly. Depends on the agenda at the time maybe.

    friendlikeme81 goes on to point out the following regarding alleged medical treatment Michael Jackson received following the accident:

    3. no medical treatment after the accident:
    Although he had third degree scalp burns, he was released from the Brotman Memorial Hospital one day later, on January 28th, and even visited other burn victims before leaving (source: A. Grant. A visual documentary)
    If he was indeed injured with 3rd degree burns, he would never have been released that early, because the risk of infection would have been too high. The necessary medical treatment cannot be done over night! Michaels first appearance in public was his visit to the Los Angeles zoo in company of Emmauel Lewis on February 5th. If Michael was really injured, he would have risked his life by doing that!

    From above:

    :arrow: We don’t really know for a fact that the pyro was what caught his hair on fire.

    Pic provided by "friendlikeme81"

    friendlikeme81 continues, pointing out that in the video of the accident footage, we never see the exact screen in which Michael’s hair is ignited, instead at that moment the screen goes white, then it flashes back to his head smoldering and he decends the stairs.

    From above:

    :idea: Dave Dave could have been a clue pointing to this too. Michael disguised as a burn victim. Also the Pepsi footage media flood in mid July points toward this event being extremely significant.

    Pic provided by "friendlikeme81"

    friendlikeme81 offers this explanation which gave me the chills and I know makes perfect sense now:

    Miko was the first one on stage who reached Michael as Michael claims in his Moonwalk biography. Dave Dave is the character that is linked to Michael because both are burn victims. We know that Dave Dave is Michael at LKL, it is his disguise, a sort of second identity. He shows up with Miko Brando. It can be a coincidence because they are close friends, but it can also have a symbolic meaning: Michael’s burn victim hoax in 1984 + Miko and Michael’s burn victim hoax in 2009 + Miko.

    I think we’ve been punked before and we are getting punked again. Pretty shocking really and yet I’m incredibly entertained.