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What is proof?

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The reader should be aware, if they aren’t already, that I have never stopped hoaxing. I’m almost ashamed to admit it; I have continued to follow the MJ Death Hoax dutifully on a daily basis online since July 17th 2009 (and offline since June 25, 2009), regardless of my recorded online contributions on this wordpress site. Several are already probably aware of the fact that I began moderating the largest hoax site Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators forum last summer, after maintaining a regular presence there since it’s inception. For those who aren’t, it’s very nice to meet you, I am bec.

What I have quit doing is attempting to “prove” the hoax by compiling the supportive evidence that I have uncovered and presenting it in a such a way that might convince an audience of it’s factual nature. I found it largely a lesson in frustration. It was no minor surprise to me that people, in general, will believe what they want to believe, and are largely close minded to avenues they never personally considered prior. In other words, if one didn’t think of it first, the information will be largely and universally rejected regardless of validity.

People need to be ready to consider the radically unconventional. It is a very personal journey towards getting ready to open one’s mind to possibilities that society deems “impossible”. I can now imagine that the Wright Brothers and Nikola Tesla faced similar resistance to their ideas.

The Michael Jackson Death Hoax is fantastical and unprecedented. The only similar historical examples we can site is the Elvis Death Hoax and possibly the Andy Kaufman Death Hoax, and due to their to-date uncompleted status (and in the case of the latter, unlikely) of these hoaxes, they actually more strongly support the invalidity of the MJDH rather then the opposite. This mention aside, the MJDH is a unique animal, and I have routinely found myself in uncharted territory just trying to define it.

But as we press forward, and as the calendar pages fly by, the theory of the MJDH strengthens rather then weakens. Skeptics point to the duration of time as a sign that MJ really is dead, or at very least, is not coming back. The problem with this short sighted and extremely shallow theory is it fails to take into account the heaps of evidence we have collected, compiled, and that still continues to trickle down to us from the shadowy Puppetmaster behind the curtain. I would reasonably expect, after working the hoax (aka ‘hoaxing’) since July of ’09, if this were a fantasy type product of a collective mind, that the “clues” would become more obscure, less frequent, and eventually dry up as we get 1, 2, and now very nearly 3 years from the date of the alleged death. I would also expect that as we Hoaxers become less reclusive, and more visible, that the Jackson Family and/or the Estate would be inclined to take some steps to shut us down. At very least, the Estate ought to make some effort to ask that we cease and desist the use of MJ’s name and image on our heavily traveled and well known website, MJDHI.

By contrast, both the Family and the Estate seem increasingly aware of our online presence and is silent on the subject. I take their silence as approval that we continue.

Now perhaps MJ made it is wish, communicated to the family and the Estate, that a faux-Death Hoax become his legacy after his real earthly passing to give the fans and the public some sort of sense of mystery and intrigue going forward, effectively forever contributing to the Master Showman’s Life of Illusion, he would have a fitting Death of Illusion as well, akin to Elvis, and the cultural phenomenon his passing has become since 1977.

However, this fails to take into account the oddities and irregularities that accompanied Conrad Murray’s mans.laughter case in the fall of 2011. The Jackson Family would have no influence over toys placed in the courtroom during hearings and trial, no influence over the missing letters masquerading as typos in the Prosecution’s power points (that were, incidentally, predicted by a mysterious username on the MJDHI forum months prior), nor would they be able to write and submit a script that included the wording of “alleged victim” during the reading of the verdict at trial’s end. The Jackson Family simply could not have pulled this off as a hoax themselves to honor an actually dead MJ.

The skeptic will press forward and throw the hardball question, if the Jackson Family couldn’t do it, how could an alive MJ have done it?

This is a legitimate question. HOW, does one propose, in the Hoaxer point of view, that Michael Jackson has pulled this off? Well the skeptic will gleefully pounce upon my answer as a sign of weakness of my (our) theory when I say, I haven’t any idea.

I don’t see this as a weakness in the Death Hoax theory however, as I concede my complete inability to be able to knowledgeably or effectively ascertain the legalities of a Death Hoax in the first place. Additionally it should be noted, I lack knowledge and experience in the entertainment field and of moving making in general.

However, it should be noted, that it makes good common sense to presume that one considering a Death Hoax as an entertainment project, would retain the best lawyers that money can buy, prior to launch.

If we are to determine, for lack of a better way to describe this Death Hoax “project”, that the whole thing and all the events of and following June 25th, 2009, publicly known as “The Death of Michael Jackson”, is a sort of real time, live action, reality based movie, it would effectively explain the entire bizarre stage play we have witnessed.

And that is enough for one entry. I’d like to say I will be back, though I don’t know that I can commit to that. I am satisfied we will see an end to this one day, perhaps this year, which will validate what I have said, and wholeheartedly believed since July 17th, 2009. If I have learned anything at all it is this: Thing are not always as they seem when it comes to Michael Jackson. The line between truth and fiction is a flexible membrane.


Awaken Ye Non-Believers… and for some of you it’s with cold water

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So we have the fan community in complete upheaval thanks to this Breaking News thing all week long. It is MJ/It’s not MJ debates like wild fire, sparking heated arguments and nasty attacks, to the point MJJC had to essentially draw a line down the middle and tell opposing factions to stay on their own sides. Really, they have threads for each opinion and the discussions are to stay there. The punishment for not following these rules, and bringing an opposing argument into a discussion is temporary banning.

So… this controversy being purposeful and by design leads one to connect the dots and arrive at the conclusion that this reaction among the fan base was expected, and with the subsequent “official statements” that followed the release adding fuel to the fire, even desired.

I present for you a series of posts “back” made on MJJC starting one year ago around this time. The posts seem to be serving as a warning to the board to stop disrespecting the Jackson family and especially Katherine Jackson… or else. There are several posts made on the subject, you are encouraged to click the pics to enlarge them and read the text. Pay close attention to the dates.

10/24/09 the earliest warning I can find posted.

10/25/09 second series of warnings.

11/5/09 many warnings posted on this day, the 5th of November, and then a long gap in posts on the subject.

6/2/10 and then 6/22/10 which seems to be the final warning posted.

One year from back’s long day of posting heated and passionate warnings of backlash to the members of MJJC, we have a series of events occur which throws the board into complete upheaval and members into a state of disarray and… confusion.

Considering the contrived scandel over KJ releasing Opis None “the weird but real” MJ song, the way it was received on fan boards, MJJC included, and the Jackson family bashing that it evoked, especially Katherine… one could speculate that this audio illusion effect on Breaking News was less a clue for the hoaxers and more a trial by fire for the non-believers.

To quote back in his final warning:

But I promise, not only Mr. Taylor, but to those who sincerely believe in the ORIGINAL intent of this forum, if Katherine Jackson is not given her due respect, we are prepared to transfer part of the burden we have had to bear from those relentless insults right where it belongs. Sadly, most of the disdain originates from an UNLIKELY place! The more I think about it, the greater my agony elevates because I never thought it would devolve to such a curcumstance. The leadership could help us, but many appear to subiminally support it. Michael wouldn’t WANT this I assure you. Me-me-me ness will lead some to the edge before they open their eyes.

Real Talk!

Keep WATCHIN’…….”

He shook up their world pretty hard core with the voice thing on Breaking News. This much confusion and stress will cause change on mass scale there, it almost has to. Major upheaval in any community always causes change. Because it’s a message board,  change in thinking will be the most likely result. They are stressed now and stress brings out emotions. Perhaps emotions they haven’t dealt with yet. Some members will start to ask the hard questions and become believers… some will expose themselves as hypocrites to the rest…. some will learn a lesson… some will have their eyes opened… but no matter what you believe, you better believe, they will all keep watching.

As a Ps. To explain why MJ would be disappointed enough in a message board to “teach” them a “lesson”, I have to add this post from 2006 which makes it clear that back favors MJJC of all the MJ fan boards and why: