Awaken Ye Non-Believers… and for some of you it’s with cold water

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So we have the fan community in complete upheaval thanks to this Breaking News thing all week long. It is MJ/It’s not MJ debates like wild fire, sparking heated arguments and nasty attacks, to the point MJJC had to essentially draw a line down the middle and tell opposing factions to stay on their own sides. Really, they have threads for each opinion and the discussions are to stay there. The punishment for not following these rules, and bringing an opposing argument into a discussion is temporary banning.

So… this controversy being purposeful and by design leads one to connect the dots and arrive at the conclusion that this reaction among the fan base was expected, and with the subsequent “official statements” that followed the release adding fuel to the fire, even desired.

I present for you a series of posts “back” made on MJJC starting one year ago around this time. The posts seem to be serving as a warning to the board to stop disrespecting the Jackson family and especially Katherine Jackson… or else. There are several posts made on the subject, you are encouraged to click the pics to enlarge them and read the text. Pay close attention to the dates.

10/24/09 the earliest warning I can find posted.

10/25/09 second series of warnings.

11/5/09 many warnings posted on this day, the 5th of November, and then a long gap in posts on the subject.

6/2/10 and then 6/22/10 which seems to be the final warning posted.

One year from back’s long day of posting heated and passionate warnings of backlash to the members of MJJC, we have a series of events occur which throws the board into complete upheaval and members into a state of disarray and… confusion.

Considering the contrived scandel over KJ releasing Opis None “the weird but real” MJ song, the way it was received on fan boards, MJJC included, and the Jackson family bashing that it evoked, especially Katherine… one could speculate that this audio illusion effect on Breaking News was less a clue for the hoaxers and more a trial by fire for the non-believers.

To quote back in his final warning:

But I promise, not only Mr. Taylor, but to those who sincerely believe in the ORIGINAL intent of this forum, if Katherine Jackson is not given her due respect, we are prepared to transfer part of the burden we have had to bear from those relentless insults right where it belongs. Sadly, most of the disdain originates from an UNLIKELY place! The more I think about it, the greater my agony elevates because I never thought it would devolve to such a curcumstance. The leadership could help us, but many appear to subiminally support it. Michael wouldn’t WANT this I assure you. Me-me-me ness will lead some to the edge before they open their eyes.

Real Talk!

Keep WATCHIN’…….”

He shook up their world pretty hard core with the voice thing on Breaking News. This much confusion and stress will cause change on mass scale there, it almost has to. Major upheaval in any community always causes change. Because it’s a message board,  change in thinking will be the most likely result. They are stressed now and stress brings out emotions. Perhaps emotions they haven’t dealt with yet. Some members will start to ask the hard questions and become believers… some will expose themselves as hypocrites to the rest…. some will learn a lesson… some will have their eyes opened… but no matter what you believe, you better believe, they will all keep watching.

As a Ps. To explain why MJ would be disappointed enough in a message board to “teach” them a “lesson”, I have to add this post from 2006 which makes it clear that back favors MJJC of all the MJ fan boards and why:

Opis No one is paying attention….

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So Breaking News shocks the fan community (hoaxers too I might add). But…

72 hours previous to this moment, Opis None was posted to the jacksonsecretvault website that KJ is a partner of.

That was Friday, November 5th. Originally, the site said this authentic Michael Jackson track was released by Katherine Jackson to MJ fans for free with L.O.V.E.  Fans immediately jumped on the track only to complain that it was “just a Destiny remix” and “weird” and blasted Katherine with some VERY NOT NICE words on the message boards saying she was lying about the Sony release not being MJ and trying to sabotage the album and her sons legacy… pretty shocking actually. 24hrs later KJ says she didn’t release the song nor approve it and Mann issued a lame apology on the site taking the blame and changed the text to read free remixed MJ track. Remember remember. One year from tonight, a 5th of November we will never forget.

Now please consider what has happened with the release of Breaking News in the fan community. Fans are outraged, shocked, horrified, screaming, crying, going hysterical, engaging in email campaigns, twitter campaigns,  letter writing campaigns, simultaneous pre-order canceling campaigns, boycott campaigns, alert the media campaigns, save MJs legacy campaigns….. you get the idea.

The estate finally releases a highly anticipated statement on 11/11/10 (mmhmm) verifying Sony’s statement that the voice on Breaking News is Michael Jackson. Lol. If the fans were enraged before… where do you think they are now? Spontaneous combustion stage essentially. They are adamant, by and large and very vocally and in numbers, that they  will not let all these evil doers “rape MJs legacy”. Yes, I took that quote directly off MJJC.

Now we have a solemn and not very nice warning from the owner of MJJC posted on the boards that they had all better settle down, quit the bashing, and play nice or the boards will be closed.


I also think it’s noteworthy to mention that  it is true, Opis None contins Destiny lyrics but it is not the original vocal track remixed. These are new vocal tracks on Opis. But who cares if it was “just” a Destiny remix, it’s real MJ and got a killer beat. I really dig this song. I admit, a friend offered me the download and I accepted. I now own a copy of Opis None, aka Confusion. Groovy track. I  consider it a gift for us who care to take it at face value. Thank you Mr. Jackson.

Michael Jackson – Breaking News

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Well this certainly is a big lol, isn’t it. I, like nearly everyone who waited to hear Breaking News get released on Monday morning, was thrown into a state of utter confusion upon hearing the first word of vocals in the song…


…and it’s true. It doesn’t sound anything like him. The voice is unrecognizable as MJ. The way his own first and last name is repeated in the verse is weird city.  Oh and it’s bad too, in my opinion. It sounds really cheap and immature and is not very catchy. The way the voice says “Michael Jackson” is creepy, like creeper creepy.

But, if I’ve learned anything in the course of the last 16 and 1/2 months, it had better be this:

when the information is confusing or conflicting or seems inexplicable, there’s always more to the story.

You realize of course, for Breaking News to be a fake MJ track makes zero logical sense. Sony paid a record amount for this music, $250 million, the largest music contract in history (Guiness book). But on the surface it appears that  Sony, in a hurry to cash in on anything MJ, threw together a bunch of bogus tracks and remixes with voice impersonators to make up an album to sell to the fans. One could conclude that Breaking News is an example of what will be on the album. Worse, shortly after Breaking News hit the MJJ site on 11/7/10, Sony issues an official statement asserting that the song IS 100% Michael Jackson and in response the fans, assuming that they were going to hear that a mistake had been made and the track would be pulled, were outraged! Sony attests that FBI vocal forensics or some such thing, and all sorts of experts conclude that it is MJ. Two days later the MJJ Estate reaffirms the same story. Fans are beside themselves with anger and despair.


This is by design you realize.

There is no earthy reason for Sony to release this weak track with dubious vocals. No reason what so ever. Sony has access to multiple unreleased hot tracks that we have HEARD (Another Day, Place With No Name, other stuff floating around YouTube RIGHT NOW…) with obvious MJ vocals on them to release. There’s also no reason the vocals NEEDED to be altered like this. Even if you believe MJ is dead, multiple reports following 6/25/09 attest that there are hundreds of fully completed SONGS (not demos, finished songs) that MJ left behind, enough for a dozen albums. No, Sony has everything to lose on this and nothing to gain by committing fraud. Because that’s what this apparent deception would be, you realize.

But… this is by design.

Do you get it? BN really IS him…. the vocal track is just digitally disguised to NOT sound like him. On purpose.

This HAD to happen because the general CD buying public isn’t going to pay one iotta of attention to a new, GOOD MJ release…

They are ONLY going to tune in if it’s a TRAIN WRECK to come gawk at the final destruction of Michael Jackson…

Because even the haters are saying “That’s not MJ…. I mean at least the guy could SING”…. :o ;)

And it CAN’T be fake or else it IS fraud… and Sony is NOT going to do that, they just aren’t going to throw away a billion dollar money making machine over one, weak MJ song…. and they sure as shit are NOT going to pay $250 million for fake bogus garbage music.


It’s marketing.

And it’s very clever.

People are flocking to YouTube to compare BN to MJ’s real voice, and they all got a reminder of who the greatest singer in the world is. Because simply, even in demos, even in rough tracks, even in short, leaked snippets with someone’s voice talking all over it, even while sitting on the witness stand recorded by the court’s audio system… Michael Jackson is the greatest and his voice is classic. TII sent everyone to You Tube to see his old dance footage, and remind them that he is the master…. now Breaking News is sending them in search of his voice.

Discover the man you never knew.

I’ve heard the capella of Breaking News, (which gets yanked so fast off You Tube by Sony copyright I won’t even bother posting the link)  and the audio track is Michael Jackson, but here’s the trick. The vocal track is altered but not filtered. It’s like manually stretched in places and lowered in  others, not altered at all in parts and then stretched again. It’s sort of fun house mirror effect in sound, sometimes word by word, I don’t know how to explain it but I laughed when I heard it. It sounds almost like they cut and pasted MJ and “the impersonator” together to form a full line of the song… like a kidnappers note except in song version. The resulting sound IS funny and IS outrageous and LOOKS very, very scandalous. But it’s legal and legitimately all Michael Jackson’s voice. I doubt this version of the song will make the album, lol, but with Michael Jackson, who knows.

Ps. 777 is in the video for Breaking News by the way. On one of the TV panels, the knobs. Check it out.
The whole thing is really, really smart. Genius actually. It’s got MJs stink all over it. He’s playing a prank to get attention for his comeback…


This will be the first of multiple entries because developments are coming fast this week.

360 days

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This is an old post I apparently forgot about in drafts and never published. As it points to clues that all but SCREAM that this is a HOAX that all surfaced just before the 1 year anniversary, I am clicking “publish” on this today, 10/4/10.

Big week coming up and despite my better judgment I’m feeling some sense of anticipation with the 25th approaching.

To recap current events,

  • Katherine Jackson publishes a book about Michael through a website called Never Can Say Goodbye, and the site offers a35% discount coupon code “MJ LIVES”. Incidentally, 35% off of $59.99 results in a savings of $21 (777) Clue: Substantiated
  • LaToya interview the subject of an article in The News Of The World where she drops several clues, some more blatent then Jermaine’s now famous “airport… I mean hospital” slip up. Best head scratchers:

“He’s still here.” she insists. “He’s still with me and he’s just waiting to let the world know.”

“He’d love me to go out with him and see his fans. He loved to play cat and mouse with them.”

“There are lawyers, investigators, a lot of people working on this. It’s taking a long time but it’s still going on.” me in: the death investigation is concluded and has been presented to the DA. Murray has been long charged at this point. How old is this interview?

  • Coke Happiness Machine commercial does not fuzz out jacket bearing the clear insignia “Michael Jackson’s This Is It”. In comparison, all other corporate labels present on clothing of commercial extras is blurred. This is confirmation of a corporate sponsorship between Michael Jackson and Coke of some fashion. Remember, this isn’t AEG. Michael and only Michael owns the right to his image and name. Period. End of discussion. This commercial+obvious Coke product placement in Dr. Murray walk n’talk photo op on Venice Beach+Coke Killed MJ as Murray’s defense theory article on TMZ=Clue: Substantiated
  • Handwriting on a thank you note sent to the Sunflower guy who donated to MJs crypt allegedly from Lisa Marie Presley last month matches Michael Jackson’s writing. Clue: Substantiated
  • 70 days 70 days 70 days…….

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    Update on 70 days connections. Yes, I do realize no one is going to really understand this. My brain hurts from trying to track it but it seems very purposeful, by design if you know what I mean, and I think there’s even a pattern that explains the mysterious 64 period we are in right now.

    I found more 70 day spans. From the burial on 9/3/09 to the original end date of This Is It’s 2 week run 11/12/09 is 70 days. End phase one?

    74 day break (11/12/09–>1/25/09 is 74 days, odd 4 added here or a “do over” on the 70 cycle? Holiday break in the hoax as it came to be known).

    70 days before Murray’s first court date on 4/5/10 was 1/25/10, or the 7 month anniversary of the “death” on 6/25/09. I think the 74 days in Holiday Break was to sync the 70 cycle up with the 7 month anniversary of “death” and to use that day as the beginning of phase two. Additionally it may be possible that the day of the week is significant, with Thursdays being the 70 day cycle day in 2009, and Mondays being the 70 day cycle day in 2010 for some as of yet unknown reason. Better day of the week to fake court maybe?

    So this starts to link the time line:

    Begin Phase I:
    6/25/09 “death” day
    70 days
    9/3/09 “burial” day
    70 days
    11/12/09 end of TII 2 week run in theaters (showings ended up being extended)
    End of Phase I

    Then we have Holiday Break of 74 days.

    Begin Phase II:
    1/25/10 seven (7) month “death” anniversary (noted: 14 day period between 1/25 and 2/8/10, Murray arrest and arraignment)
    70 days
    4/5/10 Murray court date
    70 days
    6/14/10 Murray court date
    70 days
    8/23/10 Murray court date

    Now we are in the middle of an assumed* 64 day stretch until,

    10/26/10 scheduled meeting between lawyers and judge in Murray case
    70 days
    1/4/11 scheduled Murray court date

    *Worthwhile to note that the projected next date hasn’t occurred yet and we are used to dates being rescheduled and postponed so we will have to wait and see on what dates scheduled events actually occur.

    So if we keep an eye on this, We may yet have another 70 span if the 10/26 (Tues) date is delayed 7 days until 11/1/10 (Mon), the day AFTER Halloween, which is on a Sunday.

    OR, the next date could be delayed** 2 days to 10/28 (Thurs) mark a 66 day period which would account for the Holiday Hoax Break of 74 days, making these two periods equal to 140 days, or two 70 day spans. If that happens this will effectively end the 7th 70 day period in the hoax and it would fall on 10/28/2010, the 490th (7 7s or 7×7) day of the hoax.

    **or……. something completely different could happen on 10/28/10, the 490th day of the hoax. Something that has nothing to do with Murray or court.

    Or nothing at all might happen.

    So, you guys all get the 70 days thing, right? :? :| :geek:

    At least get this: there’s little chance these dates and this time line are coincidences.

    On a completely other side note……. The full beginning of Earth Song short was floating around the internet since April but it was revisited on the forum this week. I guess it was brought to the hoax community’s attention through a comment on a Believer’s group Facebook page laden with clues regarding a 10/29/10 planned video airing on CNN or some such, complete with allegations of being MJs secret girlfriend and baby momma.

    So whatever, it’s obvious BS but it brings this complete version of Earth Song just floating around free on the internet back to the discussion, which is good, because I think there’s a pattern here too.

    Consider this Earth Song thing; the version they showed us at the Grammys that was supposed to be the full! complete! yet before unseen! version was NOT full, complete, or unseen at all… in fact it was exactly the same thing we saw in TII… ok actually a shortened version of the shortened TII version……. and then the REAL full, complete, unseen version shows up randomly on YouTube or Facebook, as if it was delivered directly to the fans instead of being sold to them by Sony (TII) or the media (Grammys).

    This is just one example as well. The weird J5 Facebook page has interesting videos that really genuinely are unseen and available no where else. I can’t explain that away, it just is the case. It’s a little like Michael is handing us his REAL work directly, with no big corporate middle man who has an agenda. No agenda, just entertainment…. if we are just a little patient.

    With the Earth Song Grammys thing and TII too, he’s making them (Sony/media) look like idiots for over billing something and then not being able to deliver on the hype. “See the man you never knew”, huh? what in TII was the MJ we never knew? “Never before, unseen full version of Earth Song in 3D!!” Huh? That was a cut up version of TII Earth Song and the 3D was really poor. The audience leaves feeling let down or cheated.  This is in gross violation to Barnum’s philosophy of doing business, one which we know Michael emulated. Interesting to note that P.T. Barnum is remembered in part for the great lengths he went to expose how his competitors swindled their customers.

    I know I felt a little cheated after TII, especially with no Thriller short film. What they showed was like a trailer or teaser short. I know I felt a WHOLE LOT cheated after the Grammys with Earth Song because the marketing hype was so obvious that time, they CUT Earth Song, not showed the extended version! They lied and I was fuming for days over that.

    Come to think of it, this happened with TII too. Remember the full HD version of TII was available to be viewed online for free while it was still in theaters? Not on opening night but before the two week run was finished there it was, one click and you’re watching This Is It in HD, full screen, on your PC, no download necessary.

    You could also get the song This Is It online for free.

    It will be interesting to see if that happens with the “new” album Sony is throwing (up) out in November. Maybe just maybe he’s been trying to prove that in advance of this release too, like: don’t bother spending your money, it’s going to be available free online.  F*ck Sony, lol.

    While You Were Out…

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    All dates are approximate unless noted.

    August 1st: Michael Jackson is listed as director of the Conrad Murray Documentary on IMDB. Apparently this had been added at the end of June but no one noticed. The name was removed after a hoaxer submitted a notice of error to IMDB. By August 7th it was removed.

    August 2nd: A curtain was erected over Michael’s tomb at Forest Lawn. This was visible through the doors to Holly Terrace and the alert was posted on a non-believer’s Facebook account, and verified by multiple sources. Days later TMZ picked up on it and apparently asked FL what was up. FL provided a completely BS excuse (or at least TMZ chose to publish a completely BS statement) that the curtain was erected because some Yoga master’s disciples were coming to visit his grave and it was a heightened security feature to prevent a crazed MJ fan from sneaking in disguised as a yoga nut.  Problem with this is that the Yoga master’s tomb isn’t in the same wing as Michael’s and the one is not accessable to the other. So that’s complete bullshit. Curtain is removed a week or so later presumably, at last check no further reports that it is still there.

    August 7th (verified date): Marlon posts on the J5 twitter account, effectively knocking the “Army of Love” tweet, that TS used as his proof that he’s not a fake, off the page. Seems deliberate. No further activity on this account at the time of this post. This Just In: Upon recheck today 8/22/10, enough tweets were deleted from this page so that the “Army of LOVE” tweet is back at the bottom of the page. Now THAT’s super interesting.

    August 8th: The title of upcoming Elvis documentary is announced, “The Final Curtain”. 999 copies of the accompanying box set/book are said to be set for release by Sony.

    August 11th (verified date): TMZ article “Michael Jackson Resurrected by CSD”. CSD subsequently tweets: “New single with MJ, it’s a movie baby!”

    Week of August 16th: Small flurry of MJ related articles published by TMZ. “It’s All Good For Michael Jackson” about All Good Entertainment alleged contract with Frank DiLeo lawsuit officially dismissed in court. “Macaulay Culkin Surfaces… In Public” with accompanying pic of Mack with his brother in London wearing red shirt and black tie, weird considering this guy never gets photog’ed out n about. Seems everyone is in London these days. Also worth noting: “Brittany Murphy’s Mom Shared Bed With Monjack”, using identical rhetoric “shared bed” as the infamous Bashir interview on the same subject. VERY noteworthy is the last line of TMZ’s article: “the report doesn’t suggest sexual contact between the two”… after a headline like that– err… well Michael sure didn’t get the same consideration did he?

    August 19: Widely reported that Katherine and Joe Jackson are getting divorced… but not a peep from TMZ on the subject other then Harvey’s statement “calling BS on this” on TMZ live.

    August 21: Just in, TIAI redirect to blog entry from last year about a reporter camped outside Murray’s supposed Las Vegas home NEVER sees him. Also, Murray’s supposed home is across the street from the former home of Elvis’s doctor, Elias Ghanem. Here’s the blog page link: —-scroll down for the post.

    I find it odd that the reporter remarks that it’s “as if Murray had himself on house arrest”. Remember the YouTube statement? This blog is from around that time. Murray mentions he is afraid to leave his house, use the phone or answer email. Yet here he is living in a gated community where only this reporter and one distant poparottzi are outside (and, apparently neither ever got a pic of him). What’s Murray afraid of? Or was the YouTube statement an elaborate back story explanation for why we were never going to see this guy except under carefully staged appearances? The reporter seems to indicate this is odd behavior, to never address the media camped outside your house. Come to think of it, it is quite strange. We always get footage of the suspect arriving home, car swarmed with reporters, microphones, and flashbulbs; “did you do it? do you have anything to say in your defense? how do you intend to fight these charges?” etc. Or the peaceful 30 second long statement in which Murray could have said “the troot will prevail” to the press to appease them and make them go away. Why the very purposeful decision to put the statement on YouTube and not the network news?

    Wow, that’s tieing into some real retro Murray stuff right there.

    It’s kind of obvious that he’s not in that house. Or wasn’t at that time. Suggests fake address/staged site.

    The Elvis’s doctor lived across the street from Murray thing is EXACTLY like Elvis having lived across the street from Carolwood. That is NOT a coincidence and explains why this address was given as Dr. Murray’s home.

    to be continued.

    Hope all is well with you. I am perplexed by this lull in the hoax but no less confident in Michael’s living status. He’s out there somewhere but what he’s up to I no longer have any guess. Keep your chin up and go about your business, he has the right to shock and surprise us too.

    Hug your hoax friends, they’ve been through a lot with you.

    Court Monday. Will keep an eye out.

    Lisa Marie told us on day 001

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    On June 26, 2009, Lisa Marie Presley blogs:

    Years ago Michael and I were having a deep conversation about life in general.

    I can’t recall the exact subject matter but he may have been questioning me about the circumstances of my Fathers Death.

    At some point he paused, he stared at me very intensely and he stated with an almost calm certainty, “I am afraid that I am going to end up like him, the way he did.”

    I promptly tried to deter him from the idea, at which point he just shrugged his shoulders and nodded almost matter of fact as if to let me know, he knew what he knew and that was kind of that.

    14 years later   I am sitting here watching on the news an ambulance leaves the driveway of his home, the big gates, the crowds outside the gates, the coverage, the crowds outside the hospital, the Cause of death and what may have led up to it and the memory of this conversation hit me, as did the unstoppable tears.

    She tried to deter him from the IDEA???

    On 6-26, I’m pretty sure everyone read this as “thought” as in “I promptly tried to deter him from the thought (of dying of a drug overdose)” without even blinking, instead of noticing the written word “IDEA”. Using the word IDEA here changes the entire meaning of what she expresses in this sentence. LMP essentially SAID: “I promptly tried to deter him from the idea (of faking his death like my Dad).”

    (Edited to Add: I just noticed LMP said “14 years later”… you mean to tell me it was conveniently and coincidentally 14, 7+7 years since this convo between MJ and LMP about MJ dying like Elvis took place? Not 13 or 15 but 14 years on the dot and she remembers this fact clearly. Tell me if you can remember exactly how many years ago you had deep personal convos with your loved ones and you can precisely and confidently state how many years ago it occurred because there’s not a chance on a bet that I could. I’m best off to say something like “a few years ago” or “several years ago”, or “maybe 5 or 6 years ago…?” But rarely can I rattle off exactly how many years it has been since x,y,z event and produce it so effortlessly. Now you might say “well, but LMP was blogging this so she had a chance to think back and record the number accurately before she posted.” Yes. Ok. True. But the fact remains that this profoundly prophetic convo took place ironically and coincidentally in a number of years ago divisible by 7… the number of the hoax. Not to mention she felt the number of 14 years important enough to include in this blog.)

    Holy Shiznut.

    And there’s more.

    He was an incredibly dynamic force and power that was not to be underestimated.

    No kidding LMP. This line makes even more sense after 11 months of investigating this hoax.

    Someone picked up on this line shortly after 6-25-09 but the following statement is also relevant to what we now have a greater appreciation for.

    When he used it for something good, It was the best and when he used it for something bad, It was really, REALLY bad.

    Mediocrity was not a concept that would even for a second enter Michael Jackson’s being or actions.

    This sentence is interesting, as well as the choice of words and the capitalization of The Scenario (LMPs doing in the original blog, see link following this entry)

    As I sit here overwhelmed with sadness, reflection and confusion at what was my biggest failure to date, watching on the news almost play by play The exact Scenario I saw happen on August 16th, 1977 happening again right now with Michael (A sight I never wanted to see again) just as he predicted, I am truly, truly gutted.

    Hint. The exact Scenario. TS.

    Ok, that’s seriously spooky and I just noticed it while typing this entry in. I have no idea what to make of it.

    Last item in the 6-26-09 LMP blog that is worth looking at with 11 month old eyes is the second to last line in the entry:

    The World is in shock but somehow he knew exactly how his fate would be played out some day more than anyone else knew, and he was right.

    Is it possible LMP is only “in the know” because of the conversation she had with Michael years ago (where she presumably discussed her father’s fake death), and was only slightly less surprised then we were on 6-25-09? I imagine her on the couch watching the helicopter transport the body going “why you crazy bastard, you went and did it after all.”

    Lisa Marie’s original blog post is here:

    Interesting stuff.