Oh The Drama!

Weeeeeee history repeats. Paris Jackson allegedly tries to commit suicide and the death hoax community reels. Feels just like Dave Dave. This is the biggest thing that’s happened since Breaking News broke. And to think just two days ago I was complaining that this trial stuff was boring. Emails shmemails, snooze fest. But then oh em gee, TMZ reports that Paris tries to kill herself! Oh the drama!! This hoax just got a B-12 shot in the arm! Bring it on, someone needed to spice things up. We were all falling asleep over here…

I’m not sure why hoaxers still believe the media. MJ been telling us they lie and tell fictional stories about him and his life for over 25 years now. How many times does he have to tell us the same thing?? That’s good enough for me to say confidently: fake fake fake, all of it, fake.

He’s manipulating us like a puppetmaster. Oh the emotional rollercoaster; the ups the downs the thrills the spills, which way is it going next? No one knows! He will make you laugh, he will make you cry, he will make you love and he will make you HATE. Emotion, feel it, now this is living.

Fake fake fake all fake. It’s all fake. Every little bit of “news” we get is fake. All of it.

Ever notice no one really gives a crap about the trial that’s going on? The real news stories are going on outside the courtroom. Wade’s accusations, now Paris tries to kill herself (come on); the clowns are outside of court this time. That’s why it’s not televised. Because that’s not the show. THIS is. The staged and the spin offs and the accidental perfect coincidences, all part of this massive entertainment project MJ launched in 2009.

There’s always something going on with the Jackson family, isn’t there? Periodically, in the news, over something or other, drip drip drip.

And this emotional turmoil the community is going through is part of the experience for the audience. All of it. The drama, the concern, the worry, the outrage, the hand wringing, the humor too… and our interaction; the comradery, the arguments, the whole online community thing, deaders n hoaxers oh my.

If Paris really had a problem no one would hear about it. What we are shown is an alternative Jackson family reality; the Hollywood version. The staged version.

That’s what I think.

Everyone is welcome to their own opinion. I don’t feel the need to change anyone’s mind. We are all privy to the same info. Draw your conclusion and I will draw mine. Kumbaya and all that jazz.

But man this is fun.

4 Responses to “Oh The Drama!”

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  2. Candi Says:

    I truly love all of the points u made. u should be an attorney! i have always lived by the saying anything can happen & u just gave it a new meaning. mind blowing evidence…this guy, mj, is a true genius… mjfanfurlyfe i hope i see him randomly lol be so cool.

  3. Omg, yeah! You on twitter?

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