Michael Jackson is very much alive…

and this is just the plain and simple truth. I haven’t blogged recently because if you haven’t discovered it by now you won’t until he reveals.

Michael Jackson is very much alive and well and this is a hoax. It is connected with the trial of Conrad Murray and we are nearing the final performance. He will reveal the hoax this year (2011) and hoaxers will have their vindication. We are not crazy. We are not delusional fans who cannot let go. Fuck everyone who wrote us off.

Michael isn’t a wacked out weirdo drug addict kid toucher who lets the music industry push him around. He never was but the gen pub is too dumb and tainted and naive to figure it out. I hope they wake up. I hope so for the sake of mankind. We are mindless sheep in the hands of the media. Mindless sheep walk right into the kill box because the authority figures told them to. If the TV says so, it must be true…

Please wake up.

Keep Watchin’…………………

and I told you so.


5 Responses to “Michael Jackson is very much alive…”

  1. He could have been sick due to long term use of propofol infusion for his nightly sleep, its called “Propofol infusion syndrome” usually happens with prolonged infusions and high doses like >4mg/kg/hr; also another 2 complications that can happen is respiratory depression & apnea so he could have had cardiac arrest due to hypoxia; sometimes the drug also causes low heart rate & BP to drop which again can lead to cardiac arrest if your not monitoring; im an anaesthesiologist btw

  2. I like this post as it says it as it is. I am truly fed up with MJ being portrayed as a mindless goody goody who was unable to protect himself. MJ is a genius in so many ways so it’s about time the public wised up and realized da troot! He is also a brilliant and very entertaining TEACHER!

    BTW Conrad Murray is a very tall man, isn’t he? Almost a GIANT, wouldn’t you say…..Now where have I heard about a giant recently……

  3. micheal had to fake his own death to get away from the tv news press 50 concerts that he didnt want to do he only wanted to 10 he will back u wait and see my soul saids hes alive

  4. rachel Says:

    some say he’ll be back by 12212012….8 months, I guess time will tell…I agree, he’s alive, I’ve believed that since dec 20 2009…..
    keep the faith……

  5. Danger_Girl Says:

    Does it really matter? After fooling the media, the rest was a rush!

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