Awaken Ye Non-Believers… and for some of you it’s with cold water

So we have the fan community in complete upheaval thanks to this Breaking News thing all week long. It is MJ/It’s not MJ debates like wild fire, sparking heated arguments and nasty attacks, to the point MJJC had to essentially draw a line down the middle and tell opposing factions to stay on their own sides. Really, they have threads for each opinion and the discussions are to stay there. The punishment for not following these rules, and bringing an opposing argument into a discussion is temporary banning.

So… this controversy being purposeful and by design leads one to connect the dots and arrive at the conclusion that this reaction among the fan base was expected, and with the subsequent “official statements” that followed the release adding fuel to the fire, even desired.

I present for you a series of posts “back” made on MJJC starting one year ago around this time. The posts seem to be serving as a warning to the board to stop disrespecting the Jackson family and especially Katherine Jackson… or else. There are several posts made on the subject, you are encouraged to click the pics to enlarge them and read the text. Pay close attention to the dates.

10/24/09 the earliest warning I can find posted.

10/25/09 second series of warnings.

11/5/09 many warnings posted on this day, the 5th of November, and then a long gap in posts on the subject.

6/2/10 and then 6/22/10 which seems to be the final warning posted.

One year from back’s long day of posting heated and passionate warnings of backlash to the members of MJJC, we have a series of events occur which throws the board into complete upheaval and members into a state of disarray and… confusion.

Considering the contrived scandel over KJ releasing Opis None “the weird but real” MJ song, the way it was received on fan boards, MJJC included, and the Jackson family bashing that it evoked, especially Katherine… one could speculate that this audio illusion effect on Breaking News was less a clue for the hoaxers and more a trial by fire for the non-believers.

To quote back in his final warning:

But I promise, not only Mr. Taylor, but to those who sincerely believe in the ORIGINAL intent of this forum, if Katherine Jackson is not given her due respect, we are prepared to transfer part of the burden we have had to bear from those relentless insults right where it belongs. Sadly, most of the disdain originates from an UNLIKELY place! The more I think about it, the greater my agony elevates because I never thought it would devolve to such a curcumstance. The leadership could help us, but many appear to subiminally support it. Michael wouldn’t WANT this I assure you. Me-me-me ness will lead some to the edge before they open their eyes.

Real Talk!

Keep WATCHIN’…….”

He shook up their world pretty hard core with the voice thing on Breaking News. This much confusion and stress will cause change on mass scale there, it almost has to. Major upheaval in any community always causes change. Because it’s a message board,  change in thinking will be the most likely result. They are stressed now and stress brings out emotions. Perhaps emotions they haven’t dealt with yet. Some members will start to ask the hard questions and become believers… some will expose themselves as hypocrites to the rest…. some will learn a lesson… some will have their eyes opened… but no matter what you believe, you better believe, they will all keep watching.

As a Ps. To explain why MJ would be disappointed enough in a message board to “teach” them a “lesson”, I have to add this post from 2006 which makes it clear that back favors MJJC of all the MJ fan boards and why:


2 Responses to “Awaken Ye Non-Believers… and for some of you it’s with cold water”

  1. Everyone believes michael jackson is dead because they saw it on tv and in newspapers ect…I know different! there are many singers, actors, polititions and even presidents of countries that are supposed to be dead but are very much alive! I am one that just started looking at the FACTS presented on their deaths and started to see a hollywood style of POOR ME to all of it. Alot of money is being made on these lies. I would bet everything i own that Michael Jackson sold his name at a very young age and he was portrayed by others thru the years. That way you control the image for profits. Very shrewd! No ones skin and bone structure can be changed as his was *supposedly done* one lie leads you to another and soon you begin to see the truth. I hope some one in hollywood reads this because I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT *I KNOW*. Also, i realize that at least 90 percent of what i thought i knew is a lie. The whole *medical field* built on lies. I wouldnt let those assholes put a bandaid on me.

  2. Danger_Girl Says:

    I went over the evidence in two weeks, since I hadn’t seen it before – with the sound OFF. Very, very different information flowed. Right now, I’m appalled at the rifts formed between people. So, I’m just watching. Nothing sensical means anything to anyone – except those who are tyrants, ruling with iron wills, creating their own fantasies, with “predictable” endings. Many of these sites will have their “owners” wind up with a “MJ” mark my words.

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