Opis No one is paying attention….

So Breaking News shocks the fan community (hoaxers too I might add). But…

72 hours previous to this moment, Opis None was posted to the jacksonsecretvault website that KJ is a partner of.

That was Friday, November 5th. Originally, the site said this authentic Michael Jackson track was released by Katherine Jackson to MJ fans for free with L.O.V.E.  Fans immediately jumped on the track only to complain that it was “just a Destiny remix” and “weird” and blasted Katherine with some VERY NOT NICE words on the message boards saying she was lying about the Sony release not being MJ and trying to sabotage the album and her sons legacy… pretty shocking actually. 24hrs later KJ says she didn’t release the song nor approve it and Mann issued a lame apology on the site taking the blame and changed the text to read free remixed MJ track. Remember remember. One year from tonight, a 5th of November we will never forget.

Now please consider what has happened with the release of Breaking News in the fan community. Fans are outraged, shocked, horrified, screaming, crying, going hysterical, engaging in email campaigns, twitter campaigns,  letter writing campaigns, simultaneous pre-order canceling campaigns, boycott campaigns, alert the media campaigns, save MJs legacy campaigns….. you get the idea.

The estate finally releases a highly anticipated statement on 11/11/10 (mmhmm) verifying Sony’s statement that the voice on Breaking News is Michael Jackson. Lol. If the fans were enraged before… where do you think they are now? Spontaneous combustion stage essentially. They are adamant, by and large and very vocally and in numbers, that they  will not let all these evil doers “rape MJs legacy”. Yes, I took that quote directly off MJJC.

Now we have a solemn and not very nice warning from the owner of MJJC posted on the boards that they had all better settle down, quit the bashing, and play nice or the boards will be closed.


I also think it’s noteworthy to mention that  it is true, Opis None contins Destiny lyrics but it is not the original vocal track remixed. These are new vocal tracks on Opis. But who cares if it was “just” a Destiny remix, it’s real MJ and got a killer beat. I really dig this song. I admit, a friend offered me the download and I accepted. I now own a copy of Opis None, aka Confusion. Groovy track. I  consider it a gift for us who care to take it at face value. Thank you Mr. Jackson.


5 Responses to “Opis No one is paying attention….”

  1. skeptikos Says:

    well, I wonder if it is true or not that «Geraldo’ sources have told him
    “The Executors at Michael’s Estate. are now paying 3 of Mike’s bros.
    $10K a month & each of their adult Children $20K a month for their
    Silence & Cooperation”.»?!
    I wonder if Jackie Jackson is a paid consultant to the Estate, hence the reason why he ran to the defense of McClain actions in Breaking News Song?!
    I wonder why Jermaine is now so “press shy”?!
    And what about Randy?

    Too smelly everywhere…

    • Hearsay is flying all over the place. I don’t have enough information to pass judgment either way. Anyone can say anything, or not. It’s very difficult to determine what is real when you’re dealing with Michael Jackson.

  2. skeptikos Says:

    Btw, I don’t really believe in the hoax theories but I’m certainly convinced in a huge cover-up!

  3. skeptikos Says:

    Opis None And Other Unreleased Songs?
    Few weeks ago Katherine Jackson’s shady business partner, Howard Mann released a song “Opis None” claiming that this is one of the unreleased materials from the MJ master tapes they own.

    I have posted many articles about the background of the so called “MJ master tapes”, just search for “Vintage” in my blog. In a nutshell: the master tapes owned by Henry Vaccaro and jointly used by Mann and Katherine are useless. These are already known and released songs, demos, studio sessions, some recordings from the Jackson Family Show in the late 70’s, and some rare materials from Jackson siblings and other acts. And on the top of that they can not do anything with the tapes, because they don’t have the approval neither from Universal, Sony and the MJ Estate. This is why neither Vaccaro, later Universal Express and now Mann can not do anything with the tapes. (…)

    More here: http://lesliemjhu.blogspot.com/2010/11/opis-none-and-other-unreleased-songs.html

    P.S. I full agree with you.

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