70 days 70 days 70 days…….

Update on 70 days connections. Yes, I do realize no one is going to really understand this. My brain hurts from trying to track it but it seems very purposeful, by design if you know what I mean, and I think there’s even a pattern that explains the mysterious 64 period we are in right now.

I found more 70 day spans. From the burial on 9/3/09 to the original end date of This Is It’s 2 week run 11/12/09 is 70 days. End phase one?

74 day break (11/12/09–>1/25/09 is 74 days, odd 4 added here or a “do over” on the 70 cycle? Holiday break in the hoax as it came to be known).

70 days before Murray’s first court date on 4/5/10 was 1/25/10, or the 7 month anniversary of the “death” on 6/25/09. I think the 74 days in Holiday Break was to sync the 70 cycle up with the 7 month anniversary of “death” and to use that day as the beginning of phase two. Additionally it may be possible that the day of the week is significant, with Thursdays being the 70 day cycle day in 2009, and Mondays being the 70 day cycle day in 2010 for some as of yet unknown reason. Better day of the week to fake court maybe?

So this starts to link the time line:

Begin Phase I:
6/25/09 “death” day
70 days
9/3/09 “burial” day
70 days
11/12/09 end of TII 2 week run in theaters (showings ended up being extended)
End of Phase I

Then we have Holiday Break of 74 days.

Begin Phase II:
1/25/10 seven (7) month “death” anniversary (noted: 14 day period between 1/25 and 2/8/10, Murray arrest and arraignment)
70 days
4/5/10 Murray court date
70 days
6/14/10 Murray court date
70 days
8/23/10 Murray court date

Now we are in the middle of an assumed* 64 day stretch until,

10/26/10 scheduled meeting between lawyers and judge in Murray case
70 days
1/4/11 scheduled Murray court date

*Worthwhile to note that the projected next date hasn’t occurred yet and we are used to dates being rescheduled and postponed so we will have to wait and see on what dates scheduled events actually occur.

So if we keep an eye on this, We may yet have another 70 span if the 10/26 (Tues) date is delayed 7 days until 11/1/10 (Mon), the day AFTER Halloween, which is on a Sunday.

OR, the next date could be delayed** 2 days to 10/28 (Thurs) mark a 66 day period which would account for the Holiday Hoax Break of 74 days, making these two periods equal to 140 days, or two 70 day spans. If that happens this will effectively end the 7th 70 day period in the hoax and it would fall on 10/28/2010, the 490th (7 7s or 7×7) day of the hoax.

**or……. something completely different could happen on 10/28/10, the 490th day of the hoax. Something that has nothing to do with Murray or court.

Or nothing at all might happen.

So, you guys all get the 70 days thing, right? :? :| :geek:

At least get this: there’s little chance these dates and this time line are coincidences.

On a completely other side note……. The full beginning of Earth Song short was floating around the internet since April but it was revisited on the forum this week. I guess it was brought to the hoax community’s attention through a comment on a Believer’s group Facebook page laden with clues regarding a 10/29/10 planned video airing on CNN or some such, complete with allegations of being MJs secret girlfriend and baby momma.

So whatever, it’s obvious BS but it brings this complete version of Earth Song just floating around free on the internet back to the discussion, which is good, because I think there’s a pattern here too.

Consider this Earth Song thing; the version they showed us at the Grammys that was supposed to be the full! complete! yet before unseen! version was NOT full, complete, or unseen at all… in fact it was exactly the same thing we saw in TII… ok actually a shortened version of the shortened TII version……. and then the REAL full, complete, unseen version shows up randomly on YouTube or Facebook, as if it was delivered directly to the fans instead of being sold to them by Sony (TII) or the media (Grammys).

This is just one example as well. The weird J5 Facebook page has interesting videos that really genuinely are unseen and available no where else. I can’t explain that away, it just is the case. It’s a little like Michael is handing us his REAL work directly, with no big corporate middle man who has an agenda. No agenda, just entertainment…. if we are just a little patient.

With the Earth Song Grammys thing and TII too, he’s making them (Sony/media) look like idiots for over billing something and then not being able to deliver on the hype. “See the man you never knew”, huh? what in TII was the MJ we never knew? “Never before, unseen full version of Earth Song in 3D!!” Huh? That was a cut up version of TII Earth Song and the 3D was really poor. The audience leaves feeling let down or cheated.  This is in gross violation to Barnum’s philosophy of doing business, one which we know Michael emulated. Interesting to note that P.T. Barnum is remembered in part for the great lengths he went to expose how his competitors swindled their customers.

I know I felt a little cheated after TII, especially with no Thriller short film. What they showed was like a trailer or teaser short. I know I felt a WHOLE LOT cheated after the Grammys with Earth Song because the marketing hype was so obvious that time, they CUT Earth Song, not showed the extended version! They lied and I was fuming for days over that.

Come to think of it, this happened with TII too. Remember the full HD version of TII was available to be viewed online for free while it was still in theaters? Not on opening night but before the two week run was finished there it was, one click and you’re watching This Is It in HD, full screen, on your PC, no download necessary.

You could also get the song This Is It online for free.

It will be interesting to see if that happens with the “new” album Sony is throwing (up) out in November. Maybe just maybe he’s been trying to prove that in advance of this release too, like: don’t bother spending your money, it’s going to be available free online.  F*ck Sony, lol.


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