Playing With Fire

The 9282 days thing in regards to the Pepsi burn accident being the exact midpoint of Michael Jackson’s life has been nagging at my brain like a spiteful woman. It goes round n round like this little persistent voice in my head that won’t go away no matter how much I ignore it.

So to review 9282 days, some clever hoaxer out there did the math and discovered that the date of the Pepsi burn accident is exactly 1/2 way between Michael’s birth and “death” date. Which of course suggests that the death date was designed purposely to encompass this event as quite significant to Michael and likely the hoax as a whole. So moving forward, we are bombarded with Coke product placement and tie-ins, Sunflowers and happiness machines and AEG endorsements etc. Enough to make your head spin a little. Does our hoax have a sponsor?

Fine. This is a little nuts but totally mainstream still. So Michael designed the death date to draw attention to the horrible disfiguring accident caused by carelessness of Pepsi shoot pyrotechnitions which saddled him with addiction for the rest of his life. Ok. I know you’re all still with me at this point.

Are you ready? Here’s where I’m gonna venture off the beaten path with a little help from my very best hoax friend and suggest something just a wee bit off the wall. Do the numerology addition on the number of days and you come up with:

9+2+8+2=21… 21 (7.7.7)

which is quite nuts as it suggests that the Pepsi accident would have to be by design…. unless you believe in divine intervention with adherence to numerology… which I don’t. I believe numerology and 777 is important to Michael.

K let’s jump in.

Did you watch? The whole thing? Crazy right? Ok, well, their hair is on fire just for a second, neat stunt but just a stunt. Keep watching, it gets crazier.

How about that? Pretty nuts right? Yeah, ok, dude’s got a big afro which protects his head and all, but Michael has a ton of gerry curl in his hair which is flammable and accelerated the fire. K… keep watchin.

You asked for it. No afro, tons of accelerant, long burn time, no injury.

You have to face it, it’s very possible Michael hoaxed that accident.


8 Responses to “Playing With Fire”

  1. I ‘m open to this idea. I think Michael could have been talked into a stunt like this for publicity… and the 9282 days thing is such a weird coincidence. That would mean the photos of his burned scalp would be fake too. Would he go that far, I wonder? Thanks for posting!

  2. jerome Says:

    I agree with you when you say MJ died but I say he died in 1985.
    what you are failing to realise that, before his burning he used chemicals to maintain the jheri curls now the chemicals for jheri curls is not good because over time you will notice patches in your hair because of the stuff chemicals have. Washing the hair cleansed it of the styling products but also exposed the damage done to the hair by the chemical process. now if you go on wiki it will tell you. now the chemicals that MJ put in his hair were not good because of the chemicals the fire went down quick on his hair

    • I never said MJ died. I allege the contrary, hence the entire blog. I am failing to realize nothing in your statement. On the contrary, I think you failed to apply critical reading skills. However, thanks for the comment, jerome.

  3. mike used flamable hair products thats why it went down so quick

  4. James Says:

    MJ didn’t hoax that accident you have clearly missed out one point MJ used flammable products to maintain the Jheri curl so when the sparks hit his hair that was because the products he used were flammable,flammable means if fire gets near it it will cause the hair to go on fire

  5. Good work and good read.

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