The Living Crucifixion

I’m remembering what drove me to obsessively research this hoax in the first place and it’s bothering me today.

WE crucified Michael Jackson. We treated him horribly. We falsely accused him. We let him down.

We used to love him. We used to listen to his music and call his name and shout and cry and clamber for any glimpse of him, buy any product he endorsed, emulate his every move and way of dress, he was a God. We championed him, we revered him, we hoisted him up upon a towering pedestal, and then we destroyed him.

We drug him down, into the filth and the mud. We painted him with the most heinous and hideous of all crimes on a prosecutors whim and when 12 jurors acquitted him we still did it anyway. We forced him to wear the scarlet letter of shame and disgrace as an innocent man and we did it gleefully… and we did it not because he earned it, we did it simply because he’s different. We crucified Michael Jackson because he’s weird.

You might say, “who’s we? Not me.” But the WE I speak of is us, the news consumer, the voting demographic, the vocal majority, the general public. WE who read the news and watch the TV. WE who believe the headlines at face value. WE who have no dissent and stand idly by. The living crucifixion of Michael Jackson played out in real time before our eyes, over a matter of years while we bought the papers and watched the interviews and listened to the commentaries and performed passive silence. We so easily forgot who he was in favor of the image that was being portrayed to us.

I sometimes wonder if humanity really even deserves Michael Jackson. After giving so much of himself to mankind only to have mankind slowly, progressively, and completely destroy him, Michael Jackson would truly have to be the second coming of Christ to want to come back to save it. Wouldn’t we just let him burn all over again?

And at the same time I so badly need him to come back and prove them all wrong. In one fell swoop he could prove the media distorts and the DA is corrupt and everything we have thought to be true a lie… by making the ultimate comeback.


2 Responses to “The Living Crucifixion”

  1. Breakodawn Says:

    Once again a wonderful post.I feel the same about him coming would be the ultimate answer to all this investigating.I feel so sad what happened to him in 2005.No matter what way the verdict went that day,obviously not guilty was the only answer,they had already crucified him.No wonder he left the USA.Obviously he came back to LA for this reason.There is no other explanation.Looking at previous videos since 2005, he certainly looked fit and healthy,and moving forward with his life.and still creating music,and obviously movies .’This Is It ‘certainly has a message for us The fans.Thanks again.

  2. Anonomous Says:

    I just can’t believe that if in fact it was a death hoax (difficult to believe…) that he would return. People hated him. Up until the day he died. Why should he return to these people. And the untrue fans would only be mad at him for toying with them (the true fans would be to happy to harbor any anger).
    If I was him I would just leave forever.
    And I find it pointless to dwell on this because, in my opinion I don’t think we’ll ever know the truth.

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