Pharaohs, resurrections, and MJ

Recently there’s been buzz regarding similarities between Michael Jackson’s “death” and that of ancient Egyptian Pharaohs or Kings and mythology in regards to resurrection and the afterlife, all of which is made super interesting by the simple straight forward fact:

By the New Kingdom, the ancient Egyptians had perfected the art of mummification; the best technique took 70 days


The entire mummification process took about seventy days and was a very degrading one, so as to put the deceased through the same trauma as Osiris himself had to endure.


From 6/25/09 to the time the Jackson’s got around to burying him on 9/3/09, was 70 days, alternatively; his body was worked on and prepared for 70 days, then it was laid in the tomb on the 71st day; depending on whether you use inclusive or exclusive numbering… so this made me sit up and pay attention, as well as look a little deeper into it. I only blog about stuff I think is interesting and not bullshit so here’s a look at a few more weird coincidences between Michael Jackson, the circumstances of his “death” and the Egyptian resurrection myths of Osiris and Isis.

Seeing Clues Blog pointed out that the letters “ISIS” are positioned directly over Michael’s head on the TII movie poster Which drew my attention to this Goddess.

Isis is the ancient Egyptian Goddess of life and resurrection. She is accredited with the resurrection of Osiris, the God King of the underworld and considered the original creator of civilization of ancient Egypt and the equivilent of Jesus Christ in Christianity. Osiris was killed by a jealous rival and 72 conspirators by suffocation inside a golden coffin thrown into the Nile. His body was recovered but then ripped into 14 pieces by the rival, which were collected by the grieving Isis, who bound them together, then changed form into a kite (or falcon), and breathed life back into him by fanning him with her wings.

The falcon’s wings depicted on Egyptian mummys and tombs symbolize Isis’s resurrection of the God King. This official photograph is inside the HIStory album booklet.

Goddess of Death and Rebirth:

After Set murdered and dismembered Osiris, Isis used her magic and power to bring her husband back to life. The realms of life and death are often associated with both Isis and her faithful sister Nephthys, who are depicted together on coffins and funerary texts. They are usually shown in their human form, with the addition of the wings that they used to shelter and protect Osiris.


Isis herself turned into a hawk; so most tombs in Egypt have an image of a hawk with its wings spread out as a symbol of rebirth.


Isis was also involved in the resurrection of her son, Horus as well and a reputed trickster and magician as well as a goddess and symbol of spring and rebirth.

Osiris is considered the God King of the underworld as well as the God that grants all life:

Osiris was not only a merciful judge of the dead in the afterlife, but also the underworld agency that granted all life, including sprouting vegetation and the fertile flooding of the Nile River. He is described as the “Lord of love

…His green skin symbolizes re-birth.


There’s a great many directions one could chose to take this rabbithole but I’m going to leave you with this pic b.mclane shared with me a couple months back now, when the We Are The World remake was released for Haiti:

This green man is Osiris:

And his name in hieroglyphs is:

5 Responses to “Pharaohs, resurrections, and MJ”

  1. Very interesting connection…

  2. This is so interesting… thank you again! There are so many weird connections. I always wonder, are they just coincidence, or would Michael REALLY have thought all this through and planned things this way? If so, I hope we find out some day soon!

    • i too hope there’s a reveal. I’m not sure what is a planned clue or connection in the hoax and what is simply a reflection of things Michael was interested in, one being resurrection or the concept of rebirth.

      I will say, if you’re going to hoax your death, maybe you want to inject little hints along the way that you’re not really dead for those who might care to pay attention. Say one of these hints was a really long time between “death” and “burial” just for the macabre image it inspires and the media attention it generates. Why NOT do exactly 70 days to see who pics up on it? If you know that 70 days from 6-25 is a full moon it starts to appear that 6-25 was intentional. The Osiris pic in the HIStory booklet, connect to the ISIS above MJs head in TII poster and viola, you have a resurrection prophecy.

      So is it too nuts to think that’s a rabbithole? No, I don’t really think that it is too nuts.

  3. Protector of The Voiceless (Listen TO The Wind) Says:

    Michael is not alive. it makes me sad every time I run into one of these sites…If you think Michael Joseph Jackson would have faked his own death, you don’t know anything about who he was at all. You are a victim of people preying on wishful thinkers. People who want to create some sort of continuing Mythology of MJ to rival Elvis’s. This ain’t Bubbahotep. He wasn’t The Archangel Michael. He wasn’t Jesus. He’s gone and his legacy is getting messed around with WAY TOO MUCH! MICHAEL WOULD NOT LIKE WHAT YOU ARE DOING HERE! Let him have his peace in heaven please. Stop trying to resurect him.

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