Trial by Pepsi, Death by Coke

I wanted to write about this a couple weeks ago when it came up but for some reason never quite put it on paper. Probably because, as you’ll see, it’s just so complicated a concept yet, I haven had difficulty making sense of it all other then to say it’s weird, which isn’t very eloquent but it will have to suffice. TMZ released an article on 4-5-10 at 6am regarding the latest Murray defense being that Michael Jackson was so addicted to Coke that he drank it to excess even though he knew it kept him awake as a sign that MJ was so out of control as an addict that he killed himself, literally.

One of the ways the defense will prove its point is with the famous soft drink. Jackson consumed massive quantities of Coca-Cola, knowing full well it was laden with caffeine and would make it next to impossible to fall asleep.
Our sources say the defense has numerous examples of situations where Jackson hyped himself up with caffeine from soda and then used drugs — including Propofol — as the ultimate sleeping solution.

Next TMZ prints several Murray and his lawyer promo pics featuring Coke product placement galore in them, so we start to notice a Coke connection here.

Everyone knows one or two tie-ins don’t make a coincidence, as weird as all that is, so I present the third weird thing with this whole Coke connection.  Turns out that the inventor of Coca Cola, John Pemberton, originally presented Coke as a cure for Morphine addiction.

Coca-Cola was originally advertised as a cure for morphine and opium addictions among a multitude of other health benefits.

Morphine and Demerol are essentially the same drug, with Demerol simply being the modern (and ironically more harmful) version of the drug.

Michael did at one time admit to seeking treatment for Demerol addiction resulting from the Pepsi commercial accident which caused the severe burns to his scalp. The Pepsi accident and it’s relevance to the hoax was discussed in a previous blog post about the 9282 days thing. This Coke discussion sparked by TMZ and it’s connection to the Pepsi accident via Demerol/Morphine is now nagging severely at my brain.

So to recap, we have the quadruple Coke link to the hoax:

  • TMZ Death by Coke article
  • TMZ product placement of Coke in Murray/lawyer photo shoot
  • Death by caffeine, number of cans of Coke to kill someone of Michael Jackson’s weight
  • Coke originally invented as a cure for Morphine addiction
  • Michael admitting Demerol (Morphine) addiction following the Pepsi accident which was the exact mid-point of his life when based on the “death” of 6-25-09, AND kicked off the phase in which he began to hoax the media for sport.

You following me? There’s a couple other things too, Coke being a sponser of a few MJ, TII, and O2 related events, Coke being a co-sponsor with AEG on some projects, corporate stuff etc, but that interests me less then the more creative coincidences as corporate stuff always become intertwined if you look deep enough. No, rather the Coke coincidences in addition to the Pepsi accident, the 9282 days thing, and the phase of Michael’s career and life at that time absolutely fascinates me. It’s like a double triangulation of pre-planned and implemented, back planted hoax brilliance.

It has to be, either that or I’ve completely lost my mind.

Edit: 4th weird thing, Happiness Machine Coke ad featuring Michael Jackson TII jacket, sunflowers, a white rabbit, and MAP estate planning T-shirt released as viral ad on 1-12-2010 and ran during American Idol when Janet performed in May. The Coke-MJ  corporate connection is verified 100% by the admission of the MJ TII jacket clearly featured as product placement within the ad.

Question is, exactly WHAT is Coke sponsoring?


8 Responses to “Trial by Pepsi, Death by Coke”

  1. Bec, this is another amazing post. Thank you! I suppose it could “possibly” be all coincidence, but it sure is weird. I just hope Michael and us hoaxers aren’t being used in some way… 😦

  2. Doctor Death Says:

    Hi Bec,

    I really never got the Coke connection.I maybe sounding like a king size dud rihgt now, but please will you explain it further…I just dont get it…..What was that all about?

    I just dont get it…too confused……:(

    Totally driven crazy by those stranger and stranger theories being put up on MJDHI…..

    Plus, wasnt MJ’s weight something like 54 kgs reported? Thats what I heard…taht would mean something like 108 LBS…..I’m not sure I heard/read 134LBS……It was 54 Kgs all over the news…..

    Plus whats the 6 connection? ( shitty dumbass me….I….cant follow)

    PLus the gane didnt work for me…It didnt give me any result..I kept clicking….

    shit.I am lost.

    • I don’t get it either other then the multiple coincidences. The Pepsi comparison is eery as well with the company being at the helm of an accident that changed Michael forever, marking the exact mid-point of his life and kicking off an era in which Michael sought to intensify his mysterious persona and manipulate the media to report outrageous stories about him.

      Mid points are set by definition once there is an end date so it stands to argue that if the midpoint being the Pepsi accident is too perfect to be just a coincidence, then the death date was determined, not random.

  3. Doctor Death Says:

    That “shitty dumbass” reference was towards myself……not towards the 6 connection…..I know anyone’s smart enough to figure that out, just a clarification though..of sorts….

  4. Daphne Says:

    Where did you get the 134lbs from? If you take the weight from the AR which is 136, the number of cans will be different… so no match with the date.

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