Doubles, dopplegangers, n twins oh my

It’s becoming harder and harder to ignore the doubles theory, as woo woo and out there as it might feel… it appears to be legit. At least few deny the existance of doubles in TII and there seems to be strong evidence of at least one double in use since the Bad era, becoming heavily utilized during Dangerous era and on the HIStory tour. At some point, the double(s) may have begun to make appearances more often the the real one.

Much has been made at this point about the Bad era video double, and that is quite startling and obvious, but I present an alternative view to consider when searching for the difference between the real Michael Jackson and his double(s).

Many double non-believers chalk up differences in Michael’s appearance to plastic surgey, lighting, or camera angle; legitimate concerns, but I believe I may have evidence that renders these variables illegitimate.

So what’s this evidence you say? Well, it’s sensitive and touchy… awkward to explain while still remaining PC, so I’ll just present the following images for you to scrutinize at will, and draw your own conclusion.

Here is a very interesting look at the Black and White video. There is a point in the video where it seems… a change is made. See if you see what I mean. Top row from first half of video, bottom row from second half.

Dangerous and HIStory era profiles

Lastly, a look at several live performances and appearances from the last 25-30 years. I would like to draw your attention very specifically to the pics from 2005 verdict read court appearance…

It’s easy to get overwhelmed. To keep from getting confused, continue back referencing to the first pic of Thriller/Bad era profiles for a baseline of the guy we should be referring to as the “real” Michael Jackson.

Considering I don’t recall ever hearing about Michael Jackson having jaw or chin reduction surgery, even in baseless rumor reporting, who else sees what I sees?


14 Responses to “Doubles, dopplegangers, n twins oh my”

  1. alessandra Says:

    Could you possibly state your theory more explicitly? Obviously, we have seen many differences beginning in the late 80s and through the 90s. Strangely enough, the real MJ reappears occasionally (remember Christian Audigier’s party?). I think that looked like him. I know we have to be PC, but….

  2. Doctor Death Says:

    Of late, I have been kinda frustrated by …if not the double..but the TWIN talk……Its kinda baseless to debate about twins.I have no problem baout discussing about doubles though…Because I do believe that not only MJ, but various other celebrities do use body doubles from time to time in order to cling on to the fragile strings of sanity..which at times can really be difficult if you happen to be an ICON or a living legend…or any other form of eye candy that the world loves to feast its eye on.

    But the probe targetted at the existence of a Michael Jackson twin will be largely unfruitful…simply because we have no way of knowing.My personal opinion is that he didnt have twins…and if he did then he ensured that the thought would never figure in the wildest imagination of the tabloid press by quite cunningly carving a reputation for “obsession’ with plastic surgery…So any changes in facial appearance, are without a drop of heasitation attributed to his penchant for plastic surgery…..Even though that may seem to be a clever ploy, it is extremely self destructive ( as proven by the desperate ttempts made to salvage his nose) and as of now, I cant think of a possible and feasible reason as to why the Jackson’s would go to such lengths to “protect” the identity of the Michael Jackson twin — which at the moment is more of a figment of our imagination and paranoia than reality….But then again, if Stephen Hawking says that aliens are after all real, who are we to know?

    But what dark secret could possibly be so detrimental to the existence of the Jackson family that they could not allow the “other half of MJ” to embrace the world as who he really was and bury hi real identity under that of his brother’s?


    Btw, Hi Bec…..meaning to say hello for a long while…..sorry for bein’ nosy…..

  3. Doctor Death Says:

    Oh and I do rememebr reading about MJ having work done on his jaws…during the Dangerous era..around 1991…..but not on any paper…but on aother one of those websites where people love to throw darts at pictures of the Moonwalker.

  4. Doctor Death Says:

    I didnt mean to say that your website is one of those that bashes MJ….I simply meant to say that I had read about that on one of those “hater” websites…….Thats all.

  5. could u pls clarify ur theory or what ur seeing here, I’ve been staring at these pictures for quiet a while now to the point that whenever I turn away from the monitor I see MJ’s face LOL (not that I’m complaining or anything ;D)


  6. Darling Dear Says:

    all of the pictures are MJ EXCEPT 4 the last set of pictures, 1st row 2nd from left. That’s not MJ.

  7. Denisse Says:

    Is very difficult for me to believe that the pics of the years 2001-2003 are of Michael. He looks very rare, for example he never smiling during these years and …My Michael always smile!!. Then, around 2004 he appears as always very handsome and smiling :). I think have been 2 or more doubles of Michael during the last 30 years.

  8. dermot Says:

    its all about the ear’s!

    • Possible, but this post has nothing to do with ears.

      • I knw it’s not about the ears but u can tell who is real and who is not by the shape of their ears (more easier to examine than the angles of ones face, ears hardly ever change shape)

  9. The Food Pyramid Is a LIE Says:

    Everyone here needs to go back and rewatch Living With Michael Jackson. The man in The Final Intervew is a different person. I think there might be at least two Michaels in that interview, maybe 3. The whole first and second parts are foolery of the double(s) and the last interview is the real Michael reluctant to be there, but attempting to clean up someone else’s mess. In the conversation it seems he wasn’t totally made aware of the content of previous conversations. His statements cotradict the others. It seems he wasn’t properly briefed.
    There were probably many different doubles used throughout the years. Also i don’t think the doubles were just used here and there. They all shared the role, but the real Michael was the boss. where are they now? who really died?

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