Pull the Plug Joe

Second weird thing re: the latest report that UCLA doc’s got Michael’s heart started in the ER.

Speculation but worth noting, if UCLA docs indeed got Michael’s heartbeat back this information strongly suggests that he was on some sort of life support to maintain this cardiac activity while docs were working. A human can remain on life support for a fairly long period of time. Anyone remember the Terri Shivo case in Florida a couple years back?

The report continues to say that Michael’s heartbeat sadly could not be sustained and he was pronounced dead.

At 14:05 doctors inserted a balloon pump up through the star’s leg to his heart valve entrance, hoping to kick-start normal heart activity. The report goes on: “His diastolic blood pressure (the pressure between heartbeats) went from 20 to approximately 40 at times and sometimes to 60.

“Despite these efforts, Michael Jackson did not regain a spontaneous pulse or heartbeat. Michael was pronounced dead at 2:26 pm.”

Okie dokie then so no spontaneous pulse or heartbeat screams life support to me. I mean really, life support is a necessity while working on a cardiac case. Removal from life support would be a decision that would fall to the patient’s spouse or parents. Since Michael had no spouse, Joe and Katherine would be next in line to shoulder the responsibility of this decision.

So you mean to tell me that within a matter of minutes, faced with the fact that Michael’s heart refused to respond, Joe and Katherine agreed to yank the plug and let Michael die just like that?

Come on. There isn’t anyone on this earth who can convince me of the following:

1. That the decision was so easy and clear cut that it was an easy one, no need for reflection, thought, consideration of all factors, or second guessing, just BAM, let him go.  Buh bye now Mikey, tata.

2. That Joe and Katherine, estranged for years, were able to agree that easily and that quickly on something as grave as whether to let Michael go ahead and die or not.

3. That no other family member piped up with severe reservations and said NOW WAIT A COTTON PICKIN MINUTE…. not one, not one of the 8 siblings had a problem with this?

Yes, if this were true and Michael’s brain and tissues went without oxygen for hours, the chances of him ever getting off life support much less retaining any quality of life would be exceedingly slim but… we’re talking about a loved one here. It takes time to make these kind of decisions.

Afterall, what in the hell was the bloody HURRY?

Come ON.


3 Responses to “Pull the Plug Joe”

  1. Thanks so much for this great post!! I agree… it’s so strange to think that Michael was just “let go”. There are so many rumors and conflicting stories, aren’t there? It almost makes more sense to believe he’s alive!

  2. alessandra Says:

    This makes a lot of sense. They just pulled him off life support, just like that?

  3. Darling Dear Says:

    GREAT WORK!!!!! Please keep ’em coming so we can think logically about all of this.

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