How Bizarre

The 9282 days thing….

This has been blogged and forumed prolifically at this point, ironic as it is fairly old news, but these days everything old becomes new again… or at least rehashed and rescrutinized… and that’s a good thing.

So we have the 9282 days from 8-29-58 (Michael’s DOB) to 1-27-84 (date of Pepsi commercial accident which results in severe burns to Michael’s scalp, Demerol addiction, hyperbaric chamber photo media hoax, and beginning of Bad era). Then we have 9282 days from Pepsi accident day to 6-25-09….

So Pepsi accident is supposed to be the exact mid point of Michael Jackson’s life. What the hell does this mean??

Let’s review the facts.

1. As stated, Pepsi burn incident marked the beginning of Michael’s addicition to Demerol, as he told us in the mid-90’s when he sought treatment to kick the addicition. I believe he did kick it. It takes a person of tremendous character to admit they have a problem like this to the world and seek treatment before hitting rock bottom. Just take a look around Hollywood to see how his peers by and large conduct themselves when faced with the same challenge.

…unless of course that taped statement was a media hoax too. Lord knows with Michael.

2. This era between Thriller and Bad albums saw a rebirth of Michael Jackson… from the sweet little child star everyone watched grow up, to the newly light skinned, new nosed, BAD Michael with an attitude. He had a new ‘do, a new sound (Dirty Diana), a new look (tight black pants and chains, rock star garb), and a new angle… Michael began to promote himself in true Barnum flair… he kicked off the Greatest Show on Earth by becoming the weirdo Michael Jackson enhancing the mystery surrounding his persona. Which leads me to,

3. Hyperbaric chamber photo. Michael purchased this hyperbaric chamber to donate to a children’s burn unit but prior to that donation he crawled inside and posed for a photograph. He gave this photograph to a reporter (I think we can safely assume the reporter was a “friend” of Michael’s, or at least someone like Ben Evenstad whom he had a good relationship with). The receipt of the photograph reportedly came with the condition that the article that the reporter decided to run the pic with contain the word “bizarre”… and thus began Michael’s love-hate relationship with the media. Other stunts followed (elephant man bones purchase, Bubbles the chimp madness) but none ever really trumped the famous O2 chamber pic.

4. Footage of the Pepsi accident was purchased exclusively by Michael and he owned all copies in existance. He reportedly agreed never to air it even though he wanted to, as Pepsi was terrified it would result in severe negative PR against its product. In exchange for this agreement to never air the footage, Michael was also signed to the largest commercial endorsement contract ever (Guiness Book of World Records). Very very very shortly following 6-25-09, this footage saw the light of day for the first time ever…. mysteriously… with no one claiming credit for releasing it. Pepsi had a cow over it as you recall. Well folks, I think I can safely say that since Michael was the only one who had possession… he released it himself. Which brings this 9282 days thing full circle and front and center now…

So what the fuck.

Ok so all that is bizarre in itself right? Ok, hang onto your hats hoaxers cuz I saved the best for last.

9282 days.

9+2+8+2= 21




Yeah baby.


9 Responses to “How Bizarre”

  1. OMG… WOW!!! You are so smart to figure this out. Thank you! Do you ever post on the website SEEINGCLUES? This would be great info to have there!!!

  2. alessandra Says:

    yes, you should post on the forums. This is brilliant.

  3. Breakodawn Says:

    You are simply amazing with your discoveries.I have been following you for months now and this is my first post.Just one thing on the 9282 isn’t his birthday the 29th August 1958?Perhaps this was just a typo.What a fascinating journey that we are on.It has certainly brought us all together from around the world.I hope Michael is still alive and at peace This has been a genius at work for many years.

    • Yes typo, thanks for pointing it out, I corrected it. Thanks for commenting as well!

      I too feel fortunate to have met so many people from so many different areas around the world, it’s amazing the friendships I have developed over these several months. If for nothing else, for that I feel grateful and fortunate.

  4. ragdoll Says:

    Remarkable! And at the same time also ironic how the “bizarre era” was born out of a purposefully leaked “O2” story and again was put to an end with one.
    PS: MJ was born 21y 11m and 2d prior to my arrival – makes 7 as well! ;)))

    • That whole O2 thing always seemed ironic to me too, all things considered. I like how you put it, “the “bizarre era” was born out of a purposefully leaked “O2″ story and again was put to an end with one.”

  5. Anonomous Says:

    I knew as soon as that pepsi footage was released in July 2009 (I think..:)
    anyways. I knew when it was released that something was seriously fishy. Like why now? Who did this? And for what reason?
    Interesting posts. Challenging to follow at points. But defintily interestig.

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