Michael Jackson Back From the Dead….

For 10 minutes the article says…. and then proceeds to display a timeline in which Michael displayed cardiac activity for approx. 60 min. I already digress.

Read the article here:


The lawsuit explains: “The nurses and physicians at UCLA detected a weak femoral pulse and cardiac activity.

“At 13:22 hours he showed cardiac activity. At 13:33 he showed a weak ventricular rhythm (contracting of the lower heart chambers).

“At 13:52 he had a pulse of 53 beats per minute.”

At 14:05 doctors inserted a balloon pump up through the star’s leg to his heart valve entrance, hoping to kick-start normal heart activity. The report goes on: “His diastolic blood pressure (the pressure between heartbeats) went from 20 to approximately 40 at times and sometimes to 60.

“Despite these efforts, Michael Jackson did not regain a spontaneous pulse or heartbeat. Michael was pronounced dead at 2:26 pm.”

There are TWO problems with this.

Problem #1:

This new report in addition to the known Propofol elimination rates render the autopsy factually impossible. I have compiled 3 sources for Propofol elimination rates. Unfortunately, they are not linkable as they are medical journal sites which require you to sign in, but you can find the information yourself if you Google search “Propofol half life”.

I did screen shot the information for you:

Quote from this article:

After a single bolus dose, there is a fast distribution from blood into tissues (t1/2a: 1.8 to 8.3 min), high metabolic clearance (t1/2b: 34 to 66 min) and a terminal slow elimination from poorly perfused tissues (t1/2g: 184 to 480 min).

2nd source:

Quote from 2nd source:

…the distribution of the drug from the blood to the tissues after intravenous administration, is very short, perhaps 2 to 3 minutes. The [beta] half-life of the drug, which is basically the elimination half-life, ranges from 30-60 minutes. The half-life, or terminal half-life, during which the drug is eliminated from the third compartment, or tissue fat, ranges from 300 to 700 minutes.

Third source:

Quote from 3rd source:

The decline in Propofol concentrations following a bolus dose of following the termination of an infusion can be described by a three compartment open model. The first phase is characterized by a very rapid distribution (half-life 2-4 minutes) followed by rapid elimination (half-life 30-60 minutes) and a slower final phase, representative of redistribution of propofol from poorly perfused tissue.

Now the problem that this presents when compared to the autopsy in light of this new information that UCLA docs had Michael heart going for approximately 64 minutes as illustrated by the article’s timeline is that so long as the blood is circulating in the body, the drug is being eliminated.

So if Michael’s blood is circulating for 62 minutes at UCLA, Propofol should ONLY have been present in the fatty tissue upon autopsy and IT IS NOT AT ALL POSSIBLE FOR PROPOFOL TO HAVE BEEN PRESENT IN THE BLOODSTREAM. Recall the autopsy reports of Propofol present within the blood vessels of the eyes. This is simply factually impossible with the properties of this drug.  This is a scientific FACT… one of those very rare things that we encounter in the course of this hoax.

…On a side note, CPR will also circulate blood by manually pumping the heart. Blood circulation drives metabolic elimination and CPR alone will account for elimination rates of any drug. Even without this new report of Michael returning from the dead, lifesaving efforts performed at the scene and en route to UCLA should have eliminated all traces of Propofol AT LEAST from the bloodstream, if not surrounding tissue (considering multiple reports that CPR was maintained for over an hour), so this information is not really new… it simply has become particularly damning by making it really really clear… the autopsy simply CANNOT be genuine.

Seems very convenient to me that the time line reported alludes to cardiac activity for 64 minutes, considering the longest period of time from the 3 sources that Propofol will be detectable anywhere other then fatty tissue is 66 minutes.  Now assuming Michael received greater then 2 minutes of CPR prior to being admitted to UCLA ER, well, you catch my drift.

I know I said two problems with this report… I’ll save the second for a future post. Stay tuned!


4 Responses to “Michael Jackson Back From the Dead….”

  1. alessandra Says:

    So does this mean that 64 minutes was chosen deliberately?

    • No, imo it supports that Propofol was deliberately chosen for a number of reasons as well as providing factual evidence that the AR claims are statistically improbable.

  2. I’m a biotechnologist & u could say this is sort of my domain, read my post on my blog about Propofol, u could use the information I provided there. Also I’d be glad 2 help out if u got any medical questions.


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