Michael Jackson IS the Thriller… can you DIG it??

If you haven’t rewatched the full version of Thriller in awhile you owe it to yourself to see it again.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izS67QTVAjk sorry about the ad, with everything getting pulled, it’s the only way to view it on YouTube.

Let’s break down Thriller again shall we? Thriller is a short film in  which the viewer first sees a movie, in which Michael is a nice guy who turns into a monster before his sweetheart’s eyes. She is terrified at the transformation and flees but to no avail. She becomes trapped and the monster is about to close in. Cut. Suddenly the viewer realises it was all just a movie. Michael is not a monster, he’s just a guy.

2nd part of Thriller plays much the same. Michael is a nice guy who cheers up his sweetheart who was spooked by what she saw on the screen by singing and dancing for her. But, suddenly, just when you thought it was all just a movie, it starts again. Michael suddenly transforms into a monster again. Sweetheart is totally freaked now because she’s convinced it is real and flees. She is persued by the monster and becomes trapped, culminating into the final scene when she suddenly wakes up and there’s Michael…. sweet and innocent, regular guy…. or is he.

“I can thrill you more then any ghost would ever dare try…
I’ll save you from the terror on the screen, I’ll make you see…”


Thriller was touted as Michael Jackson’s greatest achievement, with all future projects and music compared by the critics back to it, as the benchmark for his success. Since 2008 Michael has been talking about remaking Thriller, with buzz about releasing it as a 3D movie, the 25th anniversary album rerelease, the snippet in TII, which was totally lame btw. All this hype over Thriller II, the coincidence with the intitials, TII=This Is It/Thriller II… and the LAME little 3D bit included in TII? Admit it, that was lame and short and a total let down… and the dvd didn’t include any more of it at all.

Refer back to this article from March 5th, 2009:

Thursday, March 05, 2009
New 3D Thriller Coming… Make That Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”?
Jim here. Apparently the BBC got Randy Phillips, CEO of AEG Live, stating that after Michael Jackson gives his 10 live performances in London (announced today), he may very well be making a 3D movie based on THRILLER, his award winning music video of 1983.

I can’t imagine what they have planned for it. Sure the video in it’s day was entertaining but I don’t know about having Jackson in the lead. His worldwide fans almost assure it would be a gigantic hit however. So money talks.

Horror musical? Anybody’s guess. I know one thing – it won’t be the same without Vincent Price’s voice.

and then this article released just after 6-25-09:

It seems that Jackson had recently wrapped work on an elaborate 3-D video project in his final weeks.

The production, titled the “Dome Project,” was planned as a visual component of his 50-date concert residency at London’s O2 Arena.

Vince Pace, whose company provided cameras for the 3-D production described it to the Associated Press as “a groundbreaking effort” that would have resulted in the audience’s perception that “they were visiting the ‘Thriller’ experience, like they were there.” He added, “To think that Michael’s gone now, that’s probably the last documented footage of him to be shot in that manner.”

Mmmhmm, kay. Ask yourself. Did you see Michael in that “Thriller” 3D movie they showed in This Is It? Did you feel like you were “really there”? Yeah right. What we saw in This Is It, I speculate, was NOT Thriller II.

It’s playing NOW.

For example, let’s start at the beginning. 6-25-09. Michael’s entire mansion is under survellience camera, CCTV system. Mysteriously, the footage that captured the bedroom where Michael “collapsed” (one report) or “was found not breathing on the bed” (other report), as well as the grounds and other areas of the house is GONE. Harddrive erased or cameras strategically turned off for the event and then turned back on later), footage gone, *poof*, very mysterious. Right? Right.

Next we have the live TV stream, showing the hospital, and the helicopter transporting the “body” to the coronor’s van. Yeah ok, body sits up, body gets dumped on van floor, helicopter guys take the back board out and return it to heicopter, straps/no straps, etc etc. Weirdness x500000. All captured on video and slapshed across the TV and web for the world to see.

Then we have Van Video. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=9b8_1251194026
Very interesting. Too interesting. RTL right quick releases “making of Van Video” to debunk that. Sort of. Except they screwed up some details. I digress.

Then we get burial live feed. Ok, weird, seriously. Who live feeds the beginning of a funeral (at night, mind you, also totally WEIRD) and then cuts it suddenly as soon as the guest of honor (lol) arrives? Ok, but, weirder, the fam tapes the whole thing in HD. Now that’s F***ED UP. No matter how you cut it, that’s just BIZARRE. There’s absolutely NO explanation for why this would be. NONE. I’m sorry, you CANNOT convince me that the fam wants that event on tape forever, for what? Home movies? To show future generation of the Jackson clan? To release on HBO pay-per-view? Come ON.

Then we get TII. With all it’s weirdness and innuendo and metaphores and unanswered questions and unfinished short films… and that pathetic teeny tiny bit of Thriller…. ok that sucked, sorry, but it sucked. It was like a preview. Ok, no matter, the whole thing will be on the dvd when it comes out…. NOT. Ok so where’s Thriller? Huh? WHERE???

And all the while we are slowly being fed other little bits of video…. Murray is a big star. We get all sorts of stuff from him, court dates, crying in church, YouTube recording to his fans. I’m sure you don’t need all those links. And don’t forget about Murray’s camera crew following him around…. for his reality show. Yeah. Totally f***ed up.

Not to mention LKL, the Jackson’s reality show, interviews like crazy, etc etc etc.


Michael is a MONSTER, he’s a drug addict and a weirdo and he had this secret life… he’s not the sweet regular guy, he’s a MONSTER… or is he?

This Is It/Kenny Ortega:
We’ll create a spectacular opening with pyrotechnics, and we want some sizzles and some cracks and some pops, we have our video and it’s called glimpses and flashes, and that’s where light man comes out on a gantry, floating above the stage, and he’ll just be dazzling in video information, and piece by piece by piece by piece, MJ is revealed until he jumps out, and on Michael’s command, we begin…

How do you top Thriller? You make Thriller II, and you play it out in front of a live audience in real time. 3D baby, you betcha. THIS IS IT. This is Thriller II. And it’s playing now….


14 Responses to “Michael Jackson IS the Thriller… can you DIG it??”

  1. That was great. Thanks for posting. I need to think calmly about this post.

  2. Lala – where have you been?

  3. This is AMAZING…so many things I hadn’t heard about before. Thank you!!!

  4. speed demon Says:

    Thank you for posting!!!
    I´m sorry for your family. Take care!!

  5. alessandra Says:

    Amazing stuff!!!

  6. Darling Dear Says:

    Pls. expound on the double and triple clothing Michael wore for the Thriller II shots. And what about the way Kenny Ortega was talking so gruffly to Michael after the I want you back number, did you catch the way Michael was talking about a fist being in his ear and the snide remark Kenny made to him. Seems to me Michael Jackson was roughed up below stage and was complaining but in a round a bout way. Please watch that again. He is alive, but I believe he was forced to take his leave, is trying to expose the media for all they did to him, and is either somewhere living in the lap of luxury (which he worked for all his life and deserves) away from prying media, OR he is in Witness Protection. He knows alot about alot of things that we could never even begin to conceptualize.

  7. Darling Dear Says:

    And…..if he chose to “disappear”, you gotta remember, we ARE talking about a BILLIONAIRE here. A whole LOT of money talks REAL loud.

    • If he chose to disappear then there would be no clues or discrepancies and this would be a nice neat case. I also don’t believe Dr. Murray would be left holding the bag.

      • Darling Dear Says:

        Dr. Murray was left holding the bag because for lack of a better word, he was ignorant to the “plot” of MJ and/or the Masons, AEG and the Illuminati all directly tied in with Sony. Money was the motivating factor for Dr. Murray and he thought he was ridin’ high for month, until the blinders were snatched off on 6/25. He knows SOME things, but by the time everything went down both his ass cheeks were in the fire, thus he was left holding the bag. A perfect money hungry patsy who REALLY didn’t know what was going on. Now, after all these things were PUT into place on 6/25 come the clue and discrepancies. A hoax or a “disappearance” is never a nice neat case.

  8. Liberian Girl theme of burial debunks the run away/kidnapped/FBI style theories.

  9. Loriidenose Says:

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