You’ve been struck by a Smooth Criminal

This post is taken directly off Mo n Souza’s forum where I originally posted it on 12-20-09:

I was transcripting TII at the time and though I learned enough scripting 3/4 of the movie to satisfy my curiousity, and abandoned the project (60+ hours), I did included Smooth Criminal, which makes a nice reference now…

Smooth Criminal

Opens with green screen short film set of Gilda where the real Michael Jackson playes the part of a man who fakes his death to disappear and escape the nazis. Cut to the real Michael Jackson in white fedora and suit jacket on stage with spotter.

Exchange between the real Michael Jackson and Kenny:

Guys, that’s the cue. I’m sorry, are we misunderstanding something here?

No we’re not misunderstanding here. It’s sizzle.

It’s sizzle. I’m waiting for my part, it’s coming.

Oh, I thought, Michael, I was telling them to start when you turned toward the audience. Do you want…?

No I’ma turn first and face the audience and nothing.

Oh, ok.

And then when he gets my cue, we go.

The only thing is, how will you see the video change from the marquis to the city?

Gotta feel that. I’ll feel that.

Ok. Alright. Now this is all sizzle. All sizzle. Sizzle. It says Smooth Criminal. The audience is going wild. The camera now slowly starts to move over the marquis…

Michael gives the signal and the song starts right on time with the city nightline.

Smooth Criminal begins.
Opened by (in my opinion) the real Michael Jackson in silouette/white SC suit. Cut to fake MJ. The brief glimpse of O2 jacket MJ *might* be the real one but it’s too quick a view to determine for sure either way.

Fake MJ is shown performing on stage in every, or nearly every outfit except white SC suit and red 7s shirt. The real Michael Jackson continues to perform in the short film that plays intermittantly.

I am pretty sure I heard “mouth to mouth resus-citation” replaced by “Dr. Murray resus-citation”, to sing:
Dr. Murray Resus-
Sounding Heartbeats-

But then I’m also pretty sure baggy gold pants is fake MJ and he was on stage for this part so I dunno what conclusion to draw from this.

After more short film clips and fake MJ synching, the real Michael Jackson comes back on stage. We see real Michael Jackson the red 7s shirt is under the white SC suit performance at these lyrics:
Annie are you ok, will you tell us that your ok,
There’s a sign in the window
That he struck you a crescendo

Fake MJ sings rest of chorus.

Real Michael Jackson back again to sing:
You been hit by, you been struck by, a smooth criminal

Real Michael Jackson back performing in shot film. Cuts periodically to fake MJ.

Real Michael Jackson finishes stage performance (dancing as good as when he was 35 I might add) ending with repeating:
You been hit by, you been struck by, a smooth criminal.

Short film ends with MJ character jumping to his freedom through the glass window.

End post 5.

I have since uncovered these original lyrics from the original Moonwalker movie version of Smooth Criminal, from Wiki:

“Everytime I try to find him he’s leaving no clues left behind him. And they have no way of knowing of the suspect, or what to expect… (Dr. Murray) resescitation, sounding heartbeats, intimidations.”

Badkolo provided me with this link which has blown the whole thing open:

Watch and LISTEN.

Hoax investigations=over. Sit back and watch Thriller II my friends. It’s playing NOW.


2 Responses to “You’ve been struck by a Smooth Criminal”

  1. Hmmmm Interesting. Thanks for posting. I was not thinking about it.

  2. Anonomous Says:

    You know I was watching tii and I listened to
    dr murrays recussitation
    and yes it does sound like that
    but it also sounds like mouth mouth (just slurred alittle)
    I guess it just depends on what you are listening for. Because really I can’t tell.

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