Even hoaxers believe the media

Well I’m just bogarting Street’s blog like I own it now. Made this post today and I thought it was worthy of sharing with the entire hoax community, not just Mo n Souza’s forum where I originated it. So please, enjoy.

In regards to an old debate made new again on another thread, I decided to post this as it’s own topic because it’s fucking important. Not the GIF persay, but the emotions and reactions the GIF inspires. Please read, and THINK about the message. Forget the GIF. It’s only an example. What I am trying to express is bigger then the GIF. It pertains to the entire hoax, and the entire journey we have all been on these past long 7+ months together.

On a thread, I was involved in a discussion in which I confronted yet ANOTHER person woefully proclaiming Michael to be dead. I presented this GIF and the text below it:

UCLA stretcher GIF

 Dude. Do I have to remind you?

To which I received a few replies of cluelessness. Sigh. This newbie hoax crowd hasn’t done their homework. I suppose we have the old mjhd crashing to thank for that. The same old tired long ago debunked theory that perhaps Michael is just a paramedic was raised. I really hate repeating myself but I waded in:

Not a paramedic.

Reason #1, ponytails and hair below ear lobe level are expressly against EMT and LAFD dress code protocol.

Reason #2, There are 3 paramedics already present in this GIF, two at the head of the stretcher and one at the foot on the left side.

Reason #3, there are no legs to accompany this person.

Reason #4, this person’s head remains level as the other walking people’s heads bob up and down with their walking stride. The only other head in this GIF that remains level is the gentleman standing motionless in the doorway.

Conclusion: This ponytailed person is either levitating beside the stretcher or sitting on the stretcher.

Conclusion jumped to: As this is the stretcher unloaded from the ambulance videotaped leaving Michael’s residence on 6-25 and arriving at UCLA, this levitating or stretcher riding person is Michael.

In response, QuirkyDiana said this:

The clarity in that footage really isn’t great at all. I understand the valid points you made, but they can also be explained other ways. It is not impossible that person is a paramedic. Did MJ cut his hair – because that ponytail is very short. I think it’s a big jump to say it’s MJ when it doesn’t look like him or the pic is too blurry to tell.

Also why sit up like that when you are clearly visible?


Her post did however inspire the following post which I copied here to this blog. So without any further introduction, my thoughts on this matter…

Posted on Mo n Souza’s forum Sunday, February 7th, 2010 6:31 pm.

What makes you think the ponytail is short? It’s end is obscured by another person. Only where the ponytail originates out of the base of the skull is visible.

That this is Michael Jackson is triangulated logic to be sure. But, considering our options, what’s more believeable, that it’s an EMT, considering the 4 reasons I gave against that theory… or that it’s Michael? What makes you say it’s illogical that it’s Michael? Media reports that he died?

I have 4 reasons why resolving that this is an EMT is illogical and no one has presented a logical reason that it isn’t Michael… other then the fact that the media says he died.

So yes, I get that believeing Michael is alive and kicking and entered UCLA fine and dandy is difficult to grasp… but then why are you all here?

Just saying. If we are going to ignore the information that the GIF presents in leu of media reports that we have already and routinely collectively discarded as hearsay or sraight up falsities, then in the end we are STILL NOT thinking outside the box and we are STILL NOT believing our own eyes and brains and we have learned NOTHING in the course of these 7 months.

So again. In order to research this hoax with any success then you have to turn OFF the TV (metaphorically) and turn ON your own eyes and analytical minds and THINK FOR YOURSELVES.

SO. Discard the information the media presents. Discard what your non-believer friends say. Discard what the general public believes to be true. Shit, even discard what I say, and LOOK AT THE GIF. Look closely at the information we have. Look carefully at the evidence. Look closely at what’s real and make up your own mind. But remember, the media is powerful, and they infiltrate your psyche very deeply. All of us under the age of 65ish are TV raised from birth. We have been systematically trained to accept what the pretty lady or the handsome man on the picture box says is true. It’s influence runs deep, so deep it’s difficult to realise the full extent of it’s power. Even we hoaxers have a constant internal and subconscious battle raging within, to independently draw our own conclusions, to put aside what the media tells us is true, he’s dead. You see it on the forums and in chat every single day, another one, oh I think he’s dead guys, they succumb to the pressure, to the propaganda. Because we all feel that little nagging voice in the back of our heads say “it’s not real…. what the box says is real”. But that voice isn’t reality. That voice is the systematic propaganda we were all born and raised on.

This is the power of the media. They run the entire country. They control the minds and thoughts and perceptions of every single human being who has access to a TV. They control it so deeply is ingrained, like an instinct, like a biological urge.

Dig deep. Our brains still function. We still have the ability to perceive an event and come up with a conclusion based on what our own eyes tell us, completely independently of any outside influence.

It’s difficult, but please realise what the little voice in your head really is. It’s not real. It’s the media.


5 Responses to “Even hoaxers believe the media”

  1. Yes you are so correct, The damn media does control minds, They lie just to get a damn story told, It is disgusting and disrespectfull, and they make me sick!

  2. Q: Why Micheal Jackson needed to go up to helicopter and UCLA really by himself since no body would see him anyway…..unless he wanted to play a little play….

  3. maria antonia Says:

    pues para mi, claramente es él no se ve claro la cara, pero tiene todo el aspecto de él y si no ¿a quien tapan tanto? porque si hubiera ido hechado en la camilla no se le veria.besos y sigan investigando gracias.

  4. I only have to say this: Why in the world would the head of the gurney be raised if the person being transported to the hospital has been intubated as they say Michael was? It doesn’t make any sense to me. Especially considering the “fact” that the doctor had broken some of Michael’s ribs while performing CPR. You can clearly see that the head of the stretcher is raised. Hmmmmm

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