cuz the lie becomes the truth…

This is bec, I am guest blogging on Street’s blog.

“For fourty days and for fourty nights the law was on her side,
but who can stand when she’s in demand with her schemes and plans”

Along with “cuz the lie becomes the truth”, this lyric was DROPPED from TII (sung by fake MJ I might add). WHY? It’s nagged at my brain for months. It clicked. Finally, it clicked.

Presented, msn style, spelling errors and typos and all. The Murray Question… answered:

the murray question

has long bothered me, i think we talked about this before, like theres something we arent getting about murray, he stands for something, his role is important, else why have him? why did michael NEED a doctor or anyone at all to be involved in this hoax?

well i figured it out, with all the media circus this weekend, i figured it out

murray IS michael… not physically but metaphorically

murray is a professional black man fallen from grace, being accused of a horrible crime, outrageous allegations, his private and personal life paraded before the cameras on the evening news for all to see and mock

his child support issues, his debt, his wives and ex’s and girlfriend, hes portrayed as incompetant (leaving the room while michael was under to talk to his girlfriend, not calling 911, one armed cpr, etc) the media has convicted him of a crime and proclaimed him guilty before the police even sealed the “crime scene”

remember, the police didnt consider it a crime scene until the media did, days later, family goes in and out etc

meanwhile the tabloids have targeted murray and proclaimed him michael’s killer

murrays friends and patients and supporters are small voices in the sea of media bias saying wait, no, its not true, hes a holistic doctor, he doesnt perscribe drugs, he uses vitamens and herbs and holistic approaches

the media calls him dr death and dr feel good, drugs drugs drugs, shadey doc, did michael’s bidding, provided powerful drugs at will

so, hes painted as something he is not, they sway perception and turn this man into a monster

meanwhile, the LAPD and now the DA are FOLLOWING the media… and feel pressure to bring a case, the MEDIA are the ones who say manslaughter, murder, charges, hes guilty, the feds have ALWAYS followed the media in this case

so, just like in 2005, when, thanks to the FBI files, the DA had ZERO evidence on michael and conspired to create a case on false pretence, to try and bring him down, NOW we have murray

same situation

i think
i think the LAPD and the DA are fighting over this because one entity wants to bring charges that dont exist, because lord knows theres no body and no real evidence at all, and the other doesnt

but they feel pressure, pressure from the MEDIA to bring charges on this guy


one entity wants to drop it because they know theres no evidence, shit there isnt even a body, really, not that anyone has really seen, no autopsy, no toxicology, and the other entity wants to simply CREATE a case, create evidence, create charges, JUST to satisfy MEDIA pressure

and i think THIS is EXACTLY what michael KNEW would happen

and i think michael is BETTING that corruption wins out over truth

and michael is BETTING that they will bring charges, EVEN WITHOUT A DEAD PERSON

which, constitutes FRAUD

and PROVES that the entire system is, and i quote michael, “jacked”


this is why he isnt back yet

this is why chernoff keeps suggesting manslaughter, chernoff has been injecting manslaughter into the media rhetoric for months

so, betcha michaels right, corruption WILL win and murray WILL be charged, in a fake case that the DA invented JUST to appease the media, who has been cllammering for this guys head on a stick since 6-25

and then, oh heres the best part,

ok, so theres been some speculation that michael may face litigation for profitting from this, TII, record sales, etc right?

THIS is why michael has kept his nose so clean with 1001 legal loopholes with the DC and the life insurance and paying for the memorial and payng for the burial, security and public safety and the no public viewing and the no RIP or date of death in TII and the legal disclaimer in TII “for entertainment only” etc etc etc
they got NOTHING on him , nothing
and he will have EVERYTHING on them after they charge murray
he cant come back until they charge murray
they MUST charge murray
they MUST
thats why chernoff has such a big mouth
manslaughter manslaughter, he will be charged with manslaughter

this is why he isnt back yet
this is why he didnt come back in october
this is why he didnt come back on mlk day
this is why he didnt come back at the grammys
this is why the revocation of the will was postponed
this is why

Lastly, a ps. from me…

The You Tube video to Murray’s friends and supporters was our first clue. Some hoaxers speculated that Murray was actually Michael, considering the similarity in words and tone to Michael’s 2005 video, and I bet this pleased Michael very much. We didn’t quite… get it back then though. Not quite. Almost, but not quite.



8 Responses to “cuz the lie becomes the truth…”

  1. i totally agree with you! Shit is about to hit the fan, And i cant wait to watch it unfold….

  2. Jeannie Gray Says:

    While perusing through the blogs posts I began to feel an understanding to so many things that had previous remained questions to my mind, far too many circumstances through the years and most recently the past 9 months I felt a nagging deep within to delve deeper into the facts and information available for there has been far too many things that left me feeling that it’s all so very unbelievable (and not in a way that happens through a sudden shock for I know this feeling as well this has remained constant throughout, and I have repeatedly been pulled to the events in search of answers.

    I wanted to share something that came to light for me while reading your breakdown of planning and productions etc. During the time of the Victory Tour I was an avid teenage fan that could be found clipping all I could locate for my scrapbook of memories, this also involved recording programs from the news, etc. that transpired during the time the show was to play in my local area. The city I was raised in was featured in a news clip about Michael Jackson having had visit the City Hall & RCMP office. It detailed the events that occurred in his visit which included him dressing up as an RCMP officer complete (only lacking the pistol, as the Police Officer being interviewed stated) after having acquired nearly full uniform he desired to walk up and down the steps of the City Hall alongside a massive entourage of Official officers. He had stated to them his reason for wanting to do so and also video taping it’s procession was for possible future video projects. This interviewed being one so close to home for me stuck deep into my memories and I’ve recalled it many a time through the years ( still have the VHS I recorded it on) my reason for having it periodically reappear in my thoughts was I always had hoped I would spot that seen in a video some day down the road. Now it seems to me upon it now reappearing it was very much like the march ITII’s portion for the song they don’t really care about us. What baffles me however is I believe it entirely possibly that he was genius enough to have been working on future projects that far back what confuses me however is at the time he was doing this it was well before he had gone through any court proceedings, law issues as we are well informed of? Could it all have been part of the plan? Since Michael’s “DEATH” the child that he was accussed of abusing made a confession of his claims having been false and assuring Michael to be innocent, then oddly not too far after this and Michael having been declared “Dead” the Father of the alleged victim committed suicide (apparently). EVERY THING ABOUT ALL OF IT IS SO FISHY IT’S BEGINNING TO CAUSE QUITE A STINK. I would love to see your theory prove true my only cause for concern is that I put too much faith in it happening only to be in receipt of a let down… and having nothing occur as we expect it may very well… I’M FEELING MIGHTY CONFUSED AT PRESENT FOR SO VERY MANY THOUGHTS IN SO MANY ASPECTS ARE SWIRLING ABOUT IN ME BRAIN…. Must go ponder upon all my newly acquired inspirations and information.

    Lastly ironically if in fact Murray is Michael this will prove to be a sad state of affairs for many fans that are carrying the witch hunts out in great excess. For it may all be to teach a lesson to those Michael is already sure love him in knowing what Altruism is all about and how we must achieve such in order that the L.O.V.E. crusade already in brigade having a successful result at deadlines end. For if we are all to easily able to judge, condemn just as those that did so to Michael then we are no better than those guilty of having done it previous. The old motto “Two wrongs don’t make a right”

  3. Jeannie Gray Says:

    Furthermore to my earlier comment which after re-reading now I must apologize for my message appearing difficult in reading I was not writing in my usual manner with re-read, check and edit and it is sloppy.

    I wanted to add a tidbit of information that I find most peculiar. Ian Halperin, the Author made famous through his articles and book re: Michael Jackson’s life/death has a movie to be released this summer ironically on June 25, 2010 in memorial to Michael’s life and for benefit of his fans. This is the author that claimed Michael would die 6 months prior to him having died right to the day nearly (1 day off). His book was released after his death and immediately became # 1, now he is set to release this movie on the 1 year anniversary of his death. All a little ironic, odd I think so. Is Ian’s sources as he claims he has actually Michael or official alliance in such a production. (Further allowing for releases of information via another method in which Michael is not in receipt of the profits or the legalities of???

    I recently was accepted to be part to a published copyright book to be released this summer. A collaboration of letters, artwork by fans directed towards Michael. 100 % of the proceeds to be split 50/50 to two of Michael’s favorite charities. It’s set to be released this summer as well. I am so very intrigued by every aspect of the events that have transpired in the past year or more. I have butterflies in the pit of my stomach on what will unfold.

    I feel summer 2010 will be chock full of surprises that I am eagerly anticipating. In my personal quest for information I have acquired many mutual fans to Michael as friends and as well those that have been involved in various aspects of his life and the media revolving around it. Ian Halperin being one that I friend requested in search of info and acquired shortly thereafter as well as Mac Culkin, Liz Taylor and Deb Janet Bleesy who since his passing have all shared information/thoughts on Michael, all of which I’ve found to be somewhat odd in context or unusual given the circumstances.

    Should you desire further information from myself as to links or the likes in connection to my post please feel free to ask…

    • I truly appreciate you sharing your thoughts here Jeannie. The video taped news cast of Michael dressed as an officer that never saw the light of day in very interesting. I too believe he was planning something of this magnitude for years, perhaps even a couple decades and your anecdote supports that theory.

      I am curious what you mean by “friend requested” in regards to Culkin, Taylor, and Halperin etc. Would you elaborate on this further?

      • Jeannie Gray Says:

        Thank for your reply.

        In response to your inquiry after Michael passed away I was reading an article in McClain’s Magazine (a Canadian news mag) that had numerous articles within on Michael’s service and information leading up to his death. The article made mention of Halperin and the article he’d written prior to Michael dying which caused for me to look online further so as to read the article and information surrounding this, for some of the items mentioned in the McClain’s referred to many oddities and peculiarities surrounding Michael’s life and events leading up to his passing. He wrote for a UK based publication called Mail Online and the article in mention can be found at this link:

        After reading the article I did a search for him on Facebook as I was interested in learning more about him for I found the article to be well written and in fairly good taste given the subjects covered. I located him and sent a friend request along with a short note stating my reason for requesting being that I read his article about Michael and I felt that he had covered the piece well. He accepted my request which then opened a new world to me in learning more about his book and what led up to such. His FB Link is: and his blog where he posts the majority of his info is at:

        I copied the link that covers the post he made on the date of Michael’s death which is just the tip of the iceberg as for articles and posts in this area. My comment can be viewed if you scroll to nearly the end of the comments section.

        I do the majority of my internet activities through FB and thus the requests etc have been through here this doesn’t however mean that I haven’t acquired information at other sites as to contacting those that have special interest in Michael, I have also acquired them via various blogging sites, youtube etc.

        When this all took place I felt compelled to search out a means in which to send a message to Liz as I truly felt concern for her. After a great deal of leg work and visiting her various organizations associated to her I made a connection via reading her twitter comment. I don’t twitter as of yet lol thank god, too much already to handle but I then felt the FB option may be successful, I did locate a Liz Taylor but through the process of meeting an individual that networks celebrities who knows which are official and authentic celebrities contact information I learned this profile to be that of a fraud. My source gave me the official profile information which I now am a friend to. Liz FB Profile:

        Once you begin acquiring official profiles you begin to determine the others that are authentic as many are friends with one another. For instance Ian is friends with Mac, Mac is friends with Liz etc. So I soon found that through perusing my celebrity friends friend’s list I was able to acquire others. This is not foolproof in method however as there are so many that pose as celebrities and are fraudulent that you have to be ever so careful in determining they are real. There are many of which that even post photos etc. that are bogus which claim they have been certified official by Facebook staff, I discovered through groups on the site that this is not something which can be relied upon and the majority of these official badges in profiles are actually filled with grammar and spelling errors that FB surely would have corrected before placing on a celebrities account.

        Mac FB:

        I am a little leery on sharing the links on FB for all to see due to my wishing to respect the privacy of their personal accounts from being bombarded. The other links to various locations on the web however I am not seeing to be an issue in sharing with those that read and post, if you wouldn’t mind Xing out the information as you did in the post re: logging into this sites account on behalf of the Administrator I would greatly appreciate this.

        Should you have a FB profile and so desire in my sharing further links/tidbits that I receive etc. my profile can be found at:

        (again the privacy aspect for my own would be appreciated as I am attempting to keep this account from getting out of a manageable state in contacts/connections.
        Thanks again for replying it comforts me to know that someone else sees my thoughts as being not too far fetched to be possible.

        CHEERIO > J

  4. Anonomous Says:

    But hasn’t murray been charged? Why isn’t Michael back.
    All the dates hoax believers think he’ll return have failed… It leads me to believe that this is another Paul is dead.
    Just wondering.

  5. Breakodawn Says:

    I’m am literally blown away with your genius of putting all this together.I have just read back tonight for a refresher as we are now entering the end of 2010.I have a question…are you the Bec that posts on another forum.If you are your analysis of every detail is truely amazing.You are so to the point about everything.Your analysis of the “Michael”cd is superb.You have certainly helped me to understand it better.Especially when you pointed out snippets of sounds of his old songs that are embedded in this new cd.When I first saw the track list ,and then got to hear the whole cd,the track order seemed to make so much sense.I feel that first 6 songs were telling us a story which lead us to the events that unfolded on the 25th June 2009,with the obvious song Breaking News.Then the next 3 tracks were telling us otherwise,in other words it’s not all that it seems what we are lead to believe about June 25th 2009 .We just have to listen over and over again to get his message.
    I would also like to thank-you for your explanation about the no R.I.P. in the movie.I can’t believe that people {even my friends }never even questionned this.
    Also when I study the ‘Michael”credits they just seemed so rushed together,but when you look at the”Invincible”credits they are so detailed and
    professionally put together,and know mention of Michael …’We miss you R.I.P’.
    for e.g,on the new cd.
    Anyway thanks for listening to me.I am drawn to this for the truth like thousands of us,and I must add that Whatever Happens …don’t let go of his hand.
    Cheers and I hope you had a very Merry Xmas.I could go on with a lot more.

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