Death Certificate..again.

This post was made together by Bec and myself.

I keep seeing the whole barcode issue brought back up on multiple forums asking why there are different barcodes on the death certificate.
What you are looking at is a census tract number.
They are different on almost every copy you come across. Census tract numbers can change sometimes when there have been multiple certificates released.

Census tract numbers are just numbers that track things like: age, place of residence, race, cause of death..ect.

The odd thing about the death certificate is that there are so many copies floating around.

Here are three different copies of the death certificate-    (Barcode-172000042)            (Barcode-172000043)   (Barcode-109006163)

Look at the black lines on each certificate at the top and at the bottom, they are all the same on each one..running through the most important text.
“This is a true certified copy of the record filed in the county of Los Angeles”
“Department of Health Services”

Bec went back and researched how death certificates are made. Here is an example-

The black box that you are seeing in the image above is an information sheet that is given to a relative to fill out, once completed it is then typed up onto carbon paper. This is where these lines on Michael’s numerous death certificates are coming from. Carbon paper is not translucent. are we getting these lines on the death certificate’s that are actually cutting through the text but we are still able to see the full text? If this carbon paper was laid over part of the text it would block it off from veiw.

Also-How is that possible to print off a death certificate numerous times and get the same exact lines on each one?  Unless you photocopy..and seeing that they have different barcodes it debunks photocopying.

There has also been speculation on whether or not the death certificates have been signed.

I think we can come to the conclusion that the death certificate has not been signed by hand. If it had been we would see some sort of loop or something  between the black box and the box itself..not everyone would sign their name to fit in that black box. so we can only speculate whether or not there is a electronic signature there or not. But if there were, why hide it?

It only takes a few days to create a death certificate. But it took almost 2 weeks for Mikes, stamped July 7th.

Patrick Swayze’s was issued in 3 days. And there is only one copy of Patrick’s that has been released.

Here is a copy of Swayze’s death certificate-

And just to add to the weirdness…take a look at the top of Swayze’s death certificate,  there are two circles one with a “V” on the left and one with a “R” on the right. I didn’t see that on Michael’s death certificate.

In my opinion, the death certificate is fake.

Do you remember this?

Harvey said he learned that coroner’s employees were inappropriately accessing Jackson’s death certificate after he received a tip alleging that a funeral home employee created a fake death certificate for Jackson in the computer system.

That would explain a lot..wouldn’t it?


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