Dr. Murray what is da troot?

(Dklayne, Anna K. and myself Layla-Streetwalker are working on the inconsistencies surrounding Dr. Murray’s story…there will be more to come so check back!!)

We are going to take a look at the inconsistencies surrounding June 25th about the time Murray began administering CPR and phone calls that were made. We have about three different stories here that all contradict.

1.) We’ve learned Dr. Murray was on a cell phone with his girlfriend from Houston between 12:03 and 12:13 PM on June 25, 2009 — the day Jackson died.

Sources say the girlfriend told LAPD detectives about 5 minutes into the call, she heard Dr. Murray abruptly drop the phone and then heard him administer CPR. The girlfriend said there was no indication Dr. Murray knew anything was amiss before dropping the telephone.
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2.) At 12:13 p.m., Murray made a four-second call to Jackson’s personal assistant, Michael Amir Williams, pleading for help, Williams’ attorney Carl Douglas said. Within two minutes, Williams called Alberto Alvarez, Jackson’s bodyguard, with a similar plea.


3.) 10:40 a.m.: After repeated requests and demands from Jackson, Murray finally gave him 25 milligrams of propofol, diluted with the local anesthetic lidocaine through the IV drip to keep Jackson sedated. The lidocaine, which Jackson referred to as “anti-burn,” is used to counter-act the typical burning sensation at the site of the propofol injection. Jackson finally went to sleep, and Murray told police he continued to monitor the pop star.

10:50 a.m.: Murray got up to go to the bathroom.

10:52 a.m.: Murray returned and noticed that Jackson was not breathing. The doctor began CPR and injected .2 milligrams of Anexate, a drug used to counteract the effects of sedative drugs. Murray called Jackson’s personal assistant, Michael Amir Williams, on his cell phone for help and asked him to send security upstairs for an emergency. When no one came to assist, Murray went downstairs to the kitchen and asked the chef to send up Jackson’s eldest son, Prince Michael, then returned to continue CPR.

11:18 a.m. : Murray made the first of three calls spanning 47 minutes on his personal cell phone, which last until 12:05 p.m.; he did not mention these calls to interviewing detectives, who uncovered them through a search of his phone records.


There are a bunch of inconsistencies…can you find them?


One Response to “Dr. Murray what is da troot?”

  1. klhayes Says:

    Point 1. He had a cell phone. I thought the story was the Dr. Murray was not familiar with the house and panicked and could not find a phone. And if the gf heard him administering CPR, the phone was right next to him as he was administering CPR. Even in a panic, he IS a doctor, right?…and the phone is right next to him if the gf can here him administering CPR.

    Am I confused….????

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