Search warrant for Applied Pharmacy

On November 20th the search warrant and supporting affidavit for Applied Pharmacy was unsealed.

You can view them here:
According to the affidavit, during the search of Dr. Murray’s home and office, cops recovered a sales receipt from Applied Pharmacy. The receipt showed that on May 12, 2009, Dr. Murray purchased 4 100 ml vials of Propofol.

Well I decided to do a little research on Applied Pharmacy so I googled the address listed for Applied Pharmacy in the warrant.

According to google here is the address for Applied Pharmacy:

2851 N Tenaya Way # 202
Las Vegas, NV 89128-0453

The search warrant lists applied pharmacy at:

6370 W. Flamingo Rd.
Suite 1 Las Vegas, NV

BIG difference there. So I decided to call them and I got a voicemail because they were closed for thanksgiving according to their voicemail their new address is:

3290 S Fort Apache Road Las Vegas

So yeah, I find it hard to believe that a pharmacy would be at 3 different locations within one year, breaking leases and all.

Also, In the warrant it says Dr. Murrays office address is:
2110 East Flamingo Rd.
Suite number 201

If you google Murrays office “global cardiovascular associates” here is the address that comes up:
2110 E Flamingo Rd # 301
Las Vegas, NV 89119-5193

So there is another mistake.

Ensuring that the correct address on the face of the search warrant is essential. The courts have consistently ruled searching an incorrect address with result in the exclusion of evidence. Examples include:

1.  Details do matter, here the difference between “109″ and “109A” in an address resulted in a search warrant being quashed and the evidence thrown out [Sparkes, S.; NLCA].
2.  As did the difference between 1066A and 1066B [Messervey, A.C.;NSPC].


2 Responses to “Search warrant for Applied Pharmacy”

  1. klhayes Says:

    This leaves the door wide open for the warrant to be thrown out on a technicality…hmmmmmmmm…..

  2. speechless Says:

    Well nothing else adds up so why would they get the address right LOL. Looks like we are gonna have to crack this case ourself… I think we could do a better job….Dont you agree 🙂

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