Cherilyn Lee

On June 29th a Los Angeles nutritionist who worked for Michael Jackson came forward saying the pop star begged her to give him a powerful sleeping agent in the days before his death.

Cherilyn Lee, a registered nurse and nutritionist said she refused to help him obtain Diprivan, a sedative used mostly in hospitals.

Lee said during the call from a Jackson staffer, she heard Jackson in the background “He said ‘Find me an anesthesiologist, I don’t care how much money they want, find me an anesthesiologist to be with me here overnight and give me this IV.”

Cherilyn Lee says Michael Jackson asked her for a powerful sleep aid.

Our new search warrant for Applied Pharmacy that was unsealed a few weeks ago shows that Murray bought propofol on May 12. So obviously Mike already had someone to administer the propofol to him, why would he be calling Cherilyn Lee asking for help?

Any thoughts?


2 Responses to “Cherilyn Lee”

  1. Seems to me that Cherilyn Lee is a catalyst for the whole entry of propofol into this. No one had ever heard of it, even doctors were befuddled that this drug was being used by ANYONE in a home situation. She seems like a plant to me, and an unlikely one at that. Why would MJ or one of his people call a nutritionist for any kind of drug? One more thing that doesn’t add up.

  2. klhayes Says:

    That is an excellent point, Layla! If he already has access to Propofol, why beg a nutritionist, who would not even have access to this drug. Propofol is found in hospital settings, and the majority of people who abuse propofol (which is very small from what I understand) are health care professionals because they have access to the drug.

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