If you are having an off day, just remember the officials are lying

(Please read before continuing: This post was made by Anna K. She gets FULL credit)

I think I actually mentioned all of this before if you compile previous posts but reminders are always a good thing, especially when some days feel weaker than others.
I’m bringing this up because Randy Jackson’s twitter was verified :


And there’s murder talk on there. And he sounds serious. The thing is : first of all, who TWEETS about their bro’s murder ? Dude, go to the police, go to the media, DO something, alert everyone but don’t yap about it on Twitter, for god’s sake. Plus, don’t forget the story going around about Randy getting chummy with Karen Faye… and if you know about Karen Faye’s little TMZ grave pictures adventure, you’ll see my point.

However, never forget THIS : the officials are lying. Either the coroner is, or the police is.

August 28th :

Outside the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office. TMZ is there, so is E!, the latter of which set up a livefeed. We’re waiting for a shocking statement by the coroner. Microphones are set up. In the end, no one steps out of the building, no coroner personnel comes out, no oral statement is given. A journalist reads a press release (documents which are conveniently never signed, nor stamped, and given under .doc format). Allegedly, the coroner ruled Michael Jackson’s cause of death as Acute Propofol Intoxication – as well as being the product of a Homicide.

August 24th + November 20th :
Search warrant documents are released revealing an accurate timeline of what happened on June 25th. The documents depict a clear timeline of Murray’s whereabouts that morning, including the mention that, at around 10.40 am, he complied to Jackson’s demands and administered Propofol to get him to sleep.

Late August-Early September
Conrad Murray’s lawyer, Ed Chernoff, maintains that the search warrant content is fiction and that Murray never admitted to administering Propofol on that day.

Survey says ? LIE.

I do know that affidavits do not have to contain the truth, the full truth and the truth only. However, there’s a clear distinction between the LAPD pulling a couple of stuff out of their own asses (pardon my French) and writing a frickin’ Raymond Chandler novel.

Assumption n°1 :

– Murray never admitted to administering the Propofol
The police not only are lying through their teeth but they’re really bad at conducting a thorough investigation. Because that would mean they have absolutely NO IDEA what happened on the morning of June 25th – so much they actually have to make it all up.  Yet, they interviewed Alvarez and Murray twice. Omitted apparently to interview the entire staff present in the house that day. Took 4 days to seal the scene, after the family was allowed to go pack up a LOT of stuff.
Other than that, that means we’ve got a blatant case of negligence and a world of lies here. The question is : why ? The LAPD are not noobs. Who’s the drunk captain leading the ship here and WHY are they that oblivious, nonchalant and blissfully stupid about the case ? It makes zero sense. I don’t care how complicated the case is – the basic stuff has not been done. And where in HELL did they get the timeline ? That’s PRECISE work. And if Murray didn’t admit to administering the Propofol, then that would mean they got the timeline from testimonies. That would mean Murray is a prime suspect and would have eventually been through a custody, a SOMETHING. That would mean Murray would not be roaming the streets like it’s 1999.

Assumption n°2

– Murray admitted to administering the Propofol.

Case closed. Drop the charges. Michael Jackson was killed by an Acute Propofol Intoxication, they found the man who administered the Propofol – you’ve got manslaughter served on a silver platter here.
Except it hasn’t gone this way.
So that press release would be totally wrong (no wonder since no one from the coroner’s office bothered to read it or even comment on it). So the coroner is lying about the death being ruled a Homicide on account of a Propofol OD. And it’s not just any private coroner, no, sir. It’s the OFFICIAL state coroner for the Los Angeles County. Why in hell would that guy lie unless he’s covering for something, anything ? And the best part is, since there was no one from there present at the press release, they’re only lying indirectly, vicariously – basically, someone’s doing the lying for them and they can’t be held accountable for that.

Do you feel better now ? I know I do.


One Response to “If you are having an off day, just remember the officials are lying”

  1. speechless Says:

    Wow Layla you are so very intelligent. It amazes me how much time and thought you have put in this. I love reading your posts. Please do more.

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