Michael Bearden Slipup


Ok, one thing I noticed here…is that Bearden said that Michael would be in for rehearsals at 2:00 p.m. the next day (Thursday). So Murray administers propofol at 10:40 a.m. giving Michael maybe 3 hours of sleep or less?


It takes about 25 minutes to get from Michaels Holmby Hills mansion to The Staples Center.

So he would have had to of been up at least by 1:00 p.m.

Makes no sense, unless he changed his mind and decided to go in at a later time. Not really a good idea though, when you have less than two weeks for rehearsals left. And according to Kenny Ortega they were going start  the Dirty Diana illusion and filming on the 25th…so he would need to be there for that I would assume.

And on Bearden’s statement about Michael working on Dirty Diana, we have another contradiction…Kenny Ortega stated otherwise:

Q: Were any musical numbers left out because the footage wasn’t there?

Ortega: Yeah, mm hmm, yeah. The day that Michael died, we were waiting for him to come in to block him into Dirty Diana, which was at the end of Dirty Diana, he stepped into an illusion and before your eyes went up in smoke and then suddenly appeared completely on the other side of the stage rising up on the cherry picker and out over to the audience for Beat It. He was really looking forward to it. The night before, he had said to me he was very happy. He saw the dream coming to life on the stage. The only thing he wanted me to say to anybody creatively, dancers, creative team was, ‘I love them. Everybody’s doing a great job. I love you, Kenny. I’ll see you tomorrow. Thank you.’ He left and we were invigorated. We came back that next day and we were all up on the stage really excited working with our illusion makers, working with our technicians. We had our aerialist, Danielle, on the stage and Tony Testa, one of our associate choreographers was standing in for Michael. It was just like we were getting everything ready for him to walk in and step into what was going to be one of his favorite days because he loved illusion.

Makes you wonder who is telling the truth…


6 Responses to “Michael Bearden Slipup”

  1. So good to see your by line Layla. Happy to see that all your smart research and hard work are going to your own site. Good job chica!

  2. Speechless Says:

    Layla good investigating. You have alot of good solid research on here. Things have never made since with his so called “DEATH” from day one. I hope one day we will crack this wide open before we all end up in a mental ward LOL.

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  4. the hidden Says:

    I just found this site, thank you, excellent investigation. Want to mention that during Travis’ interview he was dedicated to repeating many times that 2pm rehearsal time. He was supposed to pick MJ up for the 2 o’clock rehearsal. 2pm 2pm 2pm !

  5. the hidden Says:

    And now Murray admits making a mistake on his original time line he gave the cops. They are not telling the “newly” corrected time but it must be even later than first thought,,,10:50, 11:50…no wait, noon sounds better, but then again, maybe…….
    I’m guessing Probably has something to do with the time difference between TX and CA, ya think ? It’s the watch’s fault, yeah that’s it………….

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