Lawyers Appointment As Executors

(This information comes from Brandi (dklayne) and Myself (Layla-Streetwalker)

You can view the Probate documents here:

Brandi and I were going over the petitions, and here is what we have come up with:

Just to clear up any confusion about why pages 1 and 2 are the same form but are filled out differently…

  • Page 1 is a petition to be appointed permanent executors of the estate. There is no expiration date on that.

— A permanent executors job is basically just to carry out the terms of the will. They are pretty much doing what Michael did, in reguards to the estate.

  • Page 2 is a petition to be appointed special administrators. The expiration on that is 1-4-2010.

Special administrators: If an emergency situation exists so that appointment is urgently needed before the Petition for Probate can be heard by the Probate Judge, you may file a separate Petition for Letters of Special Administration. Letters of Special Administration are temporary Letters that can be approved by the Probate Judge for a specific purpose on an ex parte basis (without a hearing). Typical situations where Letters of Special Administration would be appropriate include where the decedent owned a business and a legal representative must be appointed to run the business and sign payroll checks. Letters of Special Administration could also be issued if the decedent sold real property and opened an escrow but died before the escrow was closed.

–A few problems here–

  • The date executed states 11-2-2002, Now why would Branca and McClain be appointed special administrators in 2002, when Mike was obviously alive and well? NOT possible.
  • Branca and McClain were appointed executors of the estate on November 9, 2009.
  • Why is there a petition to be appointed special administrators filed on the 12th? If they are already executors..
  • You all know how TMZ always feels it is necessary to provide the public with these types of documents. Who else would be interested in this type of thing, besides us hoaxers?
  • Why were there no petitions made public back in July when it would have been the most logical to file them? Maybe they don’t exist?
  • There are no stamps on the affirmation sides because only official copies bear them. That means this is an ILLEGAL copy of the documents. That means that TMZ is either getting those illegally from an insider at the courthouse… or that they’re fabricating those documents themselves. I was told by the courthouse, if there is a place for a stamp..there should be a stamp, simple as that.

Here is an interesting article that was on TMZ back in July–

The lawyer for the named co-executors says he has a letter from Michael Jackson stating he wanted Branca to be in control of his affairs. The letter was dated June 17, 2009, 8 days before Jackson died.

Read more:

Doesn’t that just SCREAM hoax?


One Response to “Lawyers Appointment As Executors”

  1. DirtyDianna Says:

    Love the new page many fans mourn the loss of MJ and question his death… Hoax or coincidence?? I guess that could remain a mystery

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